BLM Protesters Release Hundreds of Roaches Into Courthouse

"Cockroach" by Brian Tomlinson

Upstate New York BLM chapter’s founder, Clyanna Lightbourn, was arrested last week after she and a group of protesters dumped an entire box of cockroaches into an Albany courthouse.

She was scheduled for a hearing that day.

After Tuesday’s incident, Lightbourn was taken into custody by the city’s police department on account of governmental administration obstruction charges, tampering with evidence, and even resisting arrest.

“#blm” by Aaron Fulkerson

BLM and roaches, no surprises here

Apparently, she and three other supporters from the Albany chapter appeared in court for their arraignment.

However, instead of following procedure and respecting the sanctity of a courtroom, the BLM activists did what they know best, causing a major disruption inside the courtroom.

Aside from the standard chants these people are accustomed to, they each brought a Tupperware box filled with cockroaches into the courtroom with them.

This prompted the courtroom officials to close it for the time being and fumigate the premises.

As panic broke out, Lightbourn took the opportunity to film the chaos she’d caused with her cellphone.

After this, she was arrested by a courtroom officer, who confiscated her personal belongings in order to prevent any further disruptions.

This sort of behavior was immediately frowned upon by court officials, branding it as criminal and childish and proposing perpetrators cover the fumigation and delay costs that will follow.

Albany PD launches investigation into figures behind the incident

It’s been confirmed the Albany PD launched an additional investigation to determine whether any additional charges will be pressed against the “activists.“

Although it’d be a miracle to find those individuals in the state by sunrise.

A spokesperson for the Albany Office of Court Administration, Lucian Chalfen, shared a dozen photos of the cockroaches scurrying along the courtroom’s floor and walls.

He assured the “activism“ in question was nothing more than criminal behavior with the intent to disrupt and cause damage to a proceeding.

Chalfen added Tuesday’s fumigation process shouldn’t be paid for with taxpayer money. Lightbourn herself will foot the bill for any of the actions necessary to get the courtroom back in order.

The District Attorney’s Office also spoke up on the incident, adding while citizens’ right to protest has remained protected, an investigation is still underway, as any court disruptions are considered a violation of federal law.

Unfortunately, as we’ve already seen, BLM has remained above the law for a dozen of these cases; it won’t be surprising if the left manages to find a way to set Lightbourn free.

BLM was, and will continue to be, a terrorist organization, so long as they have the political backing of the radical left. Until that ends, incidents like this one will continue to be commonplace in the US Judicial system.