Businesses Starting to Modify COVID Mandates

In 2022, COVID restrictions are on their way out.

Across the globe, folks are drawing a line in the sand and refusing to live with mandates in perpetuity. In Canada, a freedom convoy by truckers remains ongoing; truckers are demanding for the Canadian government to do away with COVID vaccine mandates.

Here in America, Democrat governors have started conveniently rolling back certain mandates, as they observe the party’s polling numbers with midterms coming.

Last month, after the Supreme Court ruled against the big business vaccine mandate that Biden wanted to implement, multiple companies scrapped their vaccine mandates for workers.

Now, Fox Business points out that additional establishments are making some changes to the COVID orders they had in place.

New Changes Coming to Walmart

Starting on Monday, February 28, Walmart will cease to have mask mandates and medical screenings for workers with the COVID vaccine.

The only Walmart locations that won’t see these changes go into effect at the end of the month are ones in New York, California, and Virginia; this is due to the regulations those states currently have on the books.

Walmart has also explicitly stated that any of their workers who chose to forgo COVID vaccination will need to continue wearing face coverings when they come into work.

This new change comes after similar measures made by Amazon. Amazon too recently proclaimed its decision to permit vaccinated workers to forego face coverings.

Not Good Enough for the Public?

As more leaders and businesses conveniently find ways to roll back these COVID mandates, it’s leading to a series of new conversations.

In some places, relief from restrictions does not apply to individuals who are not vaccinated against COVID. Then, in other cases, the mandates are collectively coming down for everyone.

On social media, a good deal of Americans opined that Walmart should have rescinded its mask mandate and medical screenings for not just vaccinated staffers, but also unvaccinated staffers as well.

With restrictions coming down (at least in some capacity), numerous Americans are questioning when the federal government will do away with the mask mandate for individuals flying on airplanes.

The efficacy of masking itself also remains under debate, especially with the different COVID variants that have materialized thus far.

At this point, time will determine what comes next or how much longer it takes until COVID mandates are completely done and over with. With that said, public pressure from citizens to lift these mandates is sure to keep the squeeze on leaders.

What do you think about Walmart’s decision to somewhat roll back its mask mandate for workers? Do you believe Walmart should have gone further in lifting the requirement? Let us know below in the comments section.