California Democrats Make a Huge Error at State Convention

The state of California has been a left-wing stronghold for quite some time.

As a matter of fact, with Democrat voters in the Golden State outnumbering their GOP counterparts by virtually two to one, it’s highly unlikely that California will ever flip red.

However, various polls have shown growing numbers of Californians who are not happy with how certain things are playing out in their state. Nevertheless, residents of the Golden State continue to elect and re-elect Democrats, thus ensuring the status quo stays in place.

Over the weekend, the Democrat Party held a statewide convention. Democrats talked about a series of matters, ranging from Ukraine to Republicans’ supposed war on democracy and voting rights.

However, California Democrats’ refusal to address two big elephants in the room has them on the receiving end of backlash, as covered by Breitbart News.

Unaddressed Problems Facing California

Homelessness and crime are two big-time issues confronting California. Coincidentally, both of these topics were completely unaddressed during the California Democrat Party’s convention.

Meanwhile, a Public Policy Institute of California poll shows homelessness and crime as the second and fourth leading issues concerning state residents.

There have been viral videos of homeless encampments littering the streets up and down certain parts of the Golden State. Meanwhile, smash-and-grab robberies, assaults, carjackings, and more have been escalating in California.

California Democrats aren’t doing themselves or their communities any favors by refusing to address these issues head-on. They’re only creating more problems for various communities and ensuring that California is even a more dangerous state to reside in or visit.

No Conceivable Solutions Anytime Soon?

Even though Democrats made sure not to talk about homelessness or crime during their state convention this weekend, the party’s position on these issues couldn’t be clearer.

In a nutshell, California Democrats just don’t care. Their lack of regard is evident because homelessness and crime have been issues that are consistently neglected and not handled.

As long as left-wingers have a stronghold over California and keep voting in Democrats, there’s not going to be much of a change. California Democrats consistently ignore and often even incentivize homelessness and crime with their various policies, after all.

In 2021, California was one of the number one states that Americans moved out of for better lives elsewhere. Many of the people who left were conservatives or Independents fed up with the direction of the state.

Therefore, this makes it even more likely that Democrats’ stronghold over California won’t be changing anytime soon.

What do you think about Democrats in California refusing to mention or address crime and homelessness in their state during the convention this past weekend? We’re curious to read your views about this in the comments section.