California Forced to Re-fund the Police, Amid Surging Retail Crimes

Defunding the police has a series of negative consequences, starting with the increase of crime and a rise of people who believe they can break the law with impunity.

It’s also worth noting that the consequences of defunding law enforcement are that much more dangerous when other measures (such as releasing prisoners from incarceration and destroying cash bail) are enacted.

Multiple cities across California are suffering from the rise of retail theft, smash and grab lootings, etc. With all of this going on, leaders in the deeply leftist state have been forced to take action.

According to California Governor Gavin Newsom, the state will now be taking steps to restore funding to police (after defunding law enforcement in 2020), as confirmed by Fox News.

Newsom’s Plan to Stop Retail Crime

On Friday, the Democrat governor of California proposed that $300 million for small businesses and law enforcement over a three-year time period will help drive down the aforementioned crimes.

Newsom stated these funds are going to be in the budget he suggests for California in January 2022. According to the Democrat governor, the $300 million will be used to stop the actions of organized crime rings, a source that Newsom views as responsible for the lawlessness underway in his state.

These funds will be directly distributed between the California National Guard, small businesses, gun buyback programs, the state attorney general’s office, district attorneys, and California law enforcement groups.

Only by June 2022 will Californians know whether or not their governor’s budget has been approved. This still leaves a good amount of time for smash and grabbers to continue what they’re doing with seemingly minimal consequences.

A Preventable Crisis

What’s most unfortunate about this crime crisis happening in California is that it was wholly preventable.

When different cities across California choose to defund police and put imprisoned criminals back on the streets, they opened the door to currently ongoing problems.

Despite what Democrats want to believe, law and order matters. Law enforcement exists for a reason. This latest announcement from Newsom also shows that when push comes to shove, even Democrat leaders are going to rely on law enforcement for assistance.

What’s happening in California and across other blue communities should be a lesson to everyone. It should demonstrate why having cash bail matters, and why having police officers funded and on the beat is so important.

Given the timeframe before Newsom’s budget can be approved, there will be at least many more months of criminals in California being able to run wild.

What do you think about the California governor’s change of heart regarding police and law enforcement? Let us know whether or not you think California Democrats have learned their lesson in the comments area below.