California Liberal Politician Wants to Do the Unthinkable to School Kids

Scott Wiener is a state senator in California who serves the 11th state district.

He’s a far left individual who believes young children should be exposed and indoctrinated in 2SLGBTQIA+ (2-spirited, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual +) propaganda.

If Wiener were just a random man off the street, his opinions would not be very noteworthy. Another leftist prowling the streets of California trying to force alternative sexual exploration on young kids isn’t exactly news.

Yet, Wiener holds political power; he’s used it before to drag the state further left. However, his latest proposal has even some in his own party questioning whether it has gone too far.


We are currently in a bit of a tense moment regarding sexual education, alternative sexualities, and education.

It started years ago with figures like Alfred Kinsey and their fraudulent experiments on kids to force explicit sex topics into school, and people like the disgraced psychologist John Money.

In recent times, we’ve seen the state of Florida block teaching or talking about sexuality to kids in grade three or under. This led to a huge pushback of companies like the Walt Disney company who said this was “anti-gay.”

The recent release of Daily Wire’s new film “What is a Woman?” has also pushed back against the concept of childhood transgenderism; people like Wiener are right on the other side.

Specifically, Wiener wants to introduce a course called “Drag Queen 101” for K-12 students to get them tolerant and happy with the idea of attending drag shows. When contacted, he said his comment was only a joke.

Wiener is a rabid trans activist who’s used his power in the past to allow minors to hide getting abortions from their parents and for minors to get sex changes without parental permission.

So those who take his jokes seriously can be forgiven for doing so.┬áHe’s not very funny.

Wiener Groomer

Wiener sounds a lot like a groomer.

He’s also most controversially known for a bill that would allow sex offenders not to be on the registry if they abused someone ten years or less in age difference from them.

What exactly leads a politician to specifically push a bill like this? What is his motivation in doing so?

I’m sure parents in California feel safe knowing their 12-year-old daughter’s abuser lives right around the corner without them knowing as long as he’s less than 22-years-old.

Sickening History…

Wiener also passed a bill so those who have unprotected sex while HIV positive no longer face any penalty in California.

Wiener is a psychopathic groomer who would love a country in which people like him fully control our educational institutions and turn them into dens of cultural Marxism and sickening pedophilia.

We need to do everything we can to call out sickos like this and keep them out of anywhere near our media, education, and political system.