California Preparing to Crack Down Against Concealed Carry

The gun rights movement is rising throughout the United States. Since Biden’s presidency alone, multiple states approved and recognized constitutional carry laws.

Since 2019, there’s also been a massive surge in new gun owners nationwide. Many of these new owners of guns are also women and minorities.

When new gun owners have been polled on what motivated them to purchase these weapons, some of the most commonly cited reasons involve self-protection or protection of one’s family.

Many people specifically mentioned growing social unrest as the wake-up call for them to take their defense into their own hands. Unfortunately, California is looking to crack down against this, as reported by Breitbart News.

Bad News Out of the Golden State

In SB918, California Democratic lawmakers are gearing up to pass massive bans on where state residents can conceal carry guns.

The proposed bans would extend to public playgrounds, public parks, schools, trains, bars, buses, hospitals, etc. SB918 is present following a Supreme Court ruling that deemed “may issue” concealed carry laws wrongful and unconstitutional.

Just like New York, which brought forward legislation to have concealed carry applicants hand over access to their social media pages for approval, California’s SB918 is an attempted workaround from the ruling of the high court.

Eliminating concealed carry in most public spaces, and also making people jump through elaborate hoops in order to get concealed carry permits, disincentivizes people from engaging in the process, to begin with.

The California state legislature and governor’s mansion are each under the control of the Democrat Party. Therefore, Americans can expect for the state’s SB918 to pass in a relatively short time period.

Pushback From the Gun Rights Movement

Supporters of the Second Amendment have been clear they have no intentions of bowing down and handing over their right to bear arms.

Groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA) continue to draw attention to cases where concealed carry permit holders and other legal gun owners have saved lives.

Naturally, this is not something that will be taken into effect by left-wing state legislatures when they’re passing reforms designed to push back against gun ownership.

Gun Owners of America and the Firearms Policy Coalition have joined the NRA and other pro-Second Amendment groups in vowing to push back against gun control.

These groups warn that gun control, regardless of the form it takes, ultimately hurts lawful gun owners without doing anything about illegal guns that criminals may access.

The gun rights movement has also forewarned about potential legal action against laws designed to discourage concealed carry in blue states or make the application process as strenuous as possible.

What do you think about California’s plans to crack down against concealed carry in the state? We invite you to share your views about this in the comments area.