California Scrapping Mask Requirements for Vaccinated Individuals

It’s becoming unmistakable to just about everyone that keeping coronavirus restrictions in place isn’t going to stand for much longer.

For quite some time, people went along with these mandates. However, as time passed, the left got much pushier and demanding across the globe.

This has lit a fire in folks worldwide and caused more people to finally decide that enough is enough.

In Canada, the truckers’ protest against the nation’s COVID vaccine mandates and other edicts has entered into its second week. Meanwhile, here in America, even leaders in Democrat-run states are starting to roll back their restrictions.

Newsmax reports that California is somewhat following suit; however, it definitely comes with a catch.

The Latest on California’s COVID Mandates

On Monday, Gavin Newsom, California’s Democrat governor, announced the decision to scrap mask mandates in one week; however, the lifting of this mandate will only apply to people who are fully immunized against COVID.

This means that people will still have to show their vaccine papers in order to get access to private businesses. The fact that California isn’t truly doing away with all its mandates shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

The state has been under the thumb of leftist leadership for decades. Quite frankly, California may always be a place where people who aren’t vaccinated against COVID are essentially treated as second-class citizens.

After all, that’s the brand of leadership that California Democrats bring to the table; the residents of the Golden State also continue to vote Democrats into office at various levels.

A Political Maneuver for Newsom?

The timing of Newsom’s decision to roll back mask mandates for vaccinated people shouldn’t be taken as coincidental.

Just last weekend, the California governor got into trouble after he and other Democrats in his state were seen maskless at an NFL game. Newsom and other Democrats involved have since given quite pitiful explanations for their choices to break the very rules they set in place.

Choosing now of all times to roll back mask requirements for vaccinated Californians serves as Newsom’s very obvious strategy of getting critics off his back.

Meanwhile, California is one of the states that has the most numbers of Americans moving out. Under Newsom’s leadership, many businesses have also relocated to other states that are more friendly to enterprise and the free market.

Democrats in additional states appear to be arriving at the conclusion that rolling back unpopular medical mandates ahead of the midterms is a good idea.

What do you think about California’s decision to roll back its mask mandate, but only for folks who are wholly vaccinated? We’d be thrilled to read your takeaways from this latest development in the comments area.