Californians May Soon Face Enforced Restrictions on Water Usage

California has a numerous amount of problems that aren’t getting any better or smaller with time. The deeply blue state recently passed a gas tax increase and, already, gas prices have gone up because of it.

The state also continues to suffer from crime rates that create more risk and anxiety for everyday people just trying to live their lives.

Polls show that pluralities of Californians have issues with what’s happening in their state; however, most of them continue to vote for Democrats to hold elected offices.

Now, it looks like things are about to get much worse for the women, men, and children of the Golden State. According to The Hill, Governor Gavin Newsom is warning that he may soon impose mandatory restrictions on water usage in the state.

Water Cutoffs Coming to California?

While meeting with the state’s water suppliers, Newsom laid out a grim image of what could be waiting for people in California.

The Democratic governor said if “aggressive actions” aren’t employed by water suppliers to limit usage levels, then he will personally put in place some limits.

Newsom stressed that a reduction in water consumption remains imperative, due to drought conditions in the state.

During the same meeting, the governor even stressed that with the approach of summer, there’s actually been a rise in how much water is being consumed by the people of California.

Droughts are problems that have plagued the Golden State for quite some time, with apparently no long-term solution in sight.

Public Reactions to Possible Water Restrictions

On social media, Newsom has been blasted for threatening to impose limitations on how much water the people of California can use.

This has revitalized calls for him to be voted out as governor; although, whether or not this actually comes to pass is an entirely different matter altogether.

Other social media users stated that California residents were simply getting the type of leadership they repeatedly voted for. Last year, Newsom was facing a recall election in the state; however, the people of California overwhelmingly voted to keep him in office.

Had a Republican won the recall election, it’s pretty safe to assume that Golden State residents wouldn’t have a governor threatening to limit the amount of water they can use.

Generally, government-imposed water restrictions are policies that people associate with impoverished, third-world countries, not the United States of America.

If water restrictions are put into place, other limitations on Californians’ ways of life could soon follow.

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