CDC Comes Out With Scary New Warning

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is not exactly the most favored by the American people these days. During COVID, the CDC ended up putting out a lot of information that turned out to be wrong.

Americans suffered because of this and had their lives turned upside down by strict measures that failed to stop the spread of the virus.

Nevertheless, a new warning by the health organization is very different from COVID and should be enough to send chills down the spine of every person, per Breitbart News.

This Could Be a Problem

The CDC recently confirmed that salmonella infections are spreading across at least 11 states. For this reason, Americans should steer clear of ingesting or even playing around with batter, flour, or dough that has not been cooked.

What’s most alarming about all of this is the reality that the CDC is still trying to figure out which flour brand is linked to salmonella outbreaks. Salmonella, as many Americans are aware, is tied to food poisoning and generally materializes in both stool and intestines.

Once a person comes down with salmonella, they’ll usually experience symptoms such as fevers, diarrhea, and cramps in their stomach. This can last for as long as seven days, barring the necessary medical care.

More on the Story

Additional information from the CDC reveals that illnesses from contaminated flour began to emerge in early December 2022. However, there is a real possibility that other infections happened which the CDC wasn’t fully privy to.

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that parents should take extra steps to ensure the safety of their kids. Many children are often tempted to play with various foods or taste things that appear edible.

Unfortunately, a case of salmonella can be especially harmful to a child who has less internal defenses than mature adults.