Certain Democrat-run States Easing Off of COVID Mandates

In present times, more and more people are coming around to the reality that keeping COVID mandates going on in perpetuity is not reasonable, nor are people going to stand for it.

Right now, the Freedom Convoy in Canada where truckers are rallying to put an end to the nation’s COVID mandates is making national headlines. Here in America, truckers are reportedly planning similar demonstrations.

Likewise, in other countries around the world, folks have been gathering to take a stand against endless restrictions in the name of this virus.

At this point, there’s no disputing that COVID mandates are deeply unwanted and unpopular. Meanwhile, a brand new Johns Hopkins study just came out and revealed that lockdowns were also inefficient in combating the virus.

In light of this, some states run by Democrat governors are now slowly starting to ease off COVID mandates, as Breitbart News documents.

A Look at Blue States Rolling Back Mandates

In New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, etc., the state leadership has either rolled back mask mandates or is strongly considering doing so.

This information directly aligns with feedback shared in President Biden’s recent meeting with a bipartisan coalition of US governors. These governors expressed to the president their interest in moving away from COVID and back to normal.

Mandates have been highly controversial throughout the United States, especially in recent times. What’s more is the Supreme Court last month ruled out a national COVID vaccination mandate for companies employing 100 or more workers.

Of course, the timing of Democrat governors’ change in heart is far from a coincidence. It appears as though some Democrat leaders are able to read the room and sense the unpopularity of ceaseless COVID restrictions.

Rolling back these mandates, therefore, serves as a strategy to minimize the damage that Democrats are bound to face during the November elections.

The Reality of COVID Restrictions

States that heavily enacted various restrictions to blunt the spread of COVID did not succeed. Blue states with stringent mandates in effect were not any more immune from COVID or omicron than red states that chose to roll back regulations.

With the current study from Johns Hopkins proving the uselessness of shutdowns, this only further goes to demonstrate there are no assurances when it comes to COVID.

There are vaccinated, boosted, and unvaccinated people who have gotten the virus. Some have lived and others have passed away. At this time, it’s more than clear that everyone is going to have to ascertain how to live with COVID.

There’s no masking, vaccinating, or mandating the virus into nonexistence. This has been tried and failed on countless occasions.

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