Chicago Teachers Union Incurs Wrath of City’s Leftist Mayor

Teachers’ unions across the United States have been deeply in bed with the Democrat Party for quite some time. During 2020 and 2021, Democrat leaders even made education-based decisions in accordance with the wishes of teachers’ unions.

However, this alliance has recently hit some bumps in the road. Right now, the Chicago Teachers Union voted roughly seven to three against teachers getting back in classrooms.

The argument being made here is that COVID poses too much of a risk for teachers to do their jobs.

Meanwhile, as the Chicago Teachers Union makes this argument and as teachers refuse to work in person, they’ve been all on board with current vaccination mandates.

The argument behind these mandates is they are necessary to keep people safe; yet, even with such mandates in effect for the city of Chicago, the teachers union isn’t budging.

This has therefore led to the Chicago Teachers Union incurring the wrath of Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot, as reported by Newsmax.

Mayor Lightfoot vs. the Chicago Teachers Union

During a Meet the Press interview, the Chicago mayor stated her city’s teachers union broke the law by walking off the job and therefore leaving children and their families stranded.

Lightfoot also claimed her city has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in ensuring the safety of schools. After noting the data proves the safety of children being in schools, the Chicago mayor noted the city’s teacher union needs to “get serious.”

In another interesting turn, Lightfoot also made a point of stating that parents are not at all pleased with the Chicago Teachers Union.

According to the mayor, parents are holding press conferences, writing letters, making phone calls, and otherwise conveying their frustrations with what’s happening.

Finally, Lightfoot has gone on record, warning that teachers who refuse to show up to work in person will not be getting a paycheck.

A New Shift

For quite some time, conservatives warned it was dangerous for teachers’ unions to indefinitely drag out school closures. It seems like nothing is enough for these teachers’ unions.

The same arguments they’re making now about the supposed lack of safety were made during 2020 and 2021 before there were COVID vaccines and COVID booster shots.

If these teachers’ unions truly believe in the effectiveness of these tools (as they claim to, seeing as they’re all in favor of mandates), then they cannot keep pulling the “it’s not safe” card.

As time passes, Democrats like Mayor Lightfoot are also beginning to realize that ongoing school closures will have negative political consequences for their party.

What do you make of the newfound feud between the Chicago Teachers Union and the city’s Democrat mayor? In the comments area below, let us know where you stand.