China is Winning the War Against Us

The pieces are arranged on the chessboard. On one side, we have the United States; on the other, China. This match has deadly serious consequences for all of us.

It is made up of three main parts: politics, economics, and military power.

China’s Xi Jinping is already about to checkmate Joe Biden, who has been proving weak even though he has tactical advantages over his opponent.

The hour is late. America needs real leadership at the helm because this competition with our greatest adversary is turning into a nightmare.

China Opens New Naval Base

According to a Washington Post report, China is secretly establishing a new naval base at Ream, Cambodia. If Xi Jinping succeeds, he will have dominance over four major Southeast Asian nations.

While China is playing attentively and strategically to gain greater control of the global economy and is already dominating the Pacific region, Biden’s government has done nothing.

In fact, Biden hasn’t even put people in place to occupy vacant seats in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

China Has Focus

Have you ever heard that focus is everything in life?

China certainly understands this and is putting on a masterclass about steadily dominating opponents, despite the many disruptions and major distractions occurring around the world.

China is highly focused on achieving its goals. Biden dances recklessly around and falls downstairs, both literally and figuratively. He’s also about to experience a historic loss during the midterm elections.

As for China? Just on May 23, Biden said he would cut rates on China’s goods. Soon after, Antony Blinken, secretary of state, contradicted what the president previously said.

Blinken said the U.S. would not accept any kind of negotiation with the Chinese market, as China restricted access to American products in its country. It wasn’t just this divergence of agreement on political strategies that’s embarrassing and weakening our country.

During Biden’s visit to Japan, they questioned the president on whether the U.S. would defend Taiwan in a military manner.

Biden said yes and it was a commitment to Japan, reserving us for a future war against China. Two days after, Blinken again contradicted the president, saying that Biden hadn’t meant what he’d said.

Schizophrenic Foreign Policy

We have reached the brink of schizophrenia with the Biden regime. They are sending mixed messages all over the place and now weakening this country.

China has a very real possibility of invading Taiwan, but that should not be our focus here. There’s no reason China should be the one on offense while we play defense.

The US can give Taiwan security promises and increase Japan’s ability to build up its military. We could defend Taiwan if it came down to that.