Chris Christie Calls For Republicans to Ditch Trump

In a little over one week, the midterm elections will have come and gone. Once Americans know for sure which party is going to control the House and Senate for the next two years, a lot of attention is going to be directed to the 2024 presidential election.

At this time, there are a lot of theories about who will run for the White House. Many governors and former officeholders on both sides of the aisle are viewed as prospective candidates.

Of course, much of the country is also wondering whether or not former President Trump will make another run for the White House.

To this end, New Jersey Republican Chris Christie is calling for the GOP to completely wash its hands of Trump after the midterms, per Breitbart News.

The Latest From Christie on Trump

Over the weekend, Christie told ABC News that the GOP needs to cut Trump loose before the 2024 presidential election season even gets going.

According to the former governor of New Jersey, Trump prioritizes “self-interest” over the best interests of the Republican Party. To back this claim up, Christie cited Trump’s criticism of Colorado Senate candidate Joe O’Dea.

O’Dea made it known previously that he wouldn’t be backing Trump in the 2024 presidential election, stating that neither he nor Biden should run for office.

This led to Trump lashing out against O’Dea, despite O’Dea being a GOP candidate who could help Republicans regain the Senate.

Later, Christie pointed out that Trump is only willing to back and endorse candidates who show loyalty and subservience to him.

The former governor believes that once the midterms wrap up, Republicans have to determine if the party is one of principles or a party of one individual.

Anything is Possible

At this rate, just about any scenario is possible when it comes to the 2024 presidential election.

There’s a fair chance that Joe Biden may not even be the Democratic nominee. Some progressive factions of the party have expressed an interest in primarying Biden.

Meanwhile, the president himself went from definitively vowing to seek a second term to saying it’s too early to be certain.

The midterms will certainly play a role in the 2024 presidential election. If Republicans win these races as expected, this momentum will likely be a driving force as the GOP works to take back the White House.

While the midterms wrap up and the country prepares for a new session of Congress, Americans are going to have to be in wait-and-see mode when it comes to the next presidential election.

What do you make of Chris Christie’s remarks about former President Trump? Do you agree or disagree with the points Christie made? You’re more than welcome to let us know in the comments area.