CNN Faces Questions Over Handling of Don Lemon Misconduct Allegations

Reportedly, in 2008, CNN anchor Don Lemon sent a threatening SMS to Kyra Phillips, who had been his co-anchor before.

According to two people who worked at CNN then, Lemon allegedly tore up images and notes on Phillips’ desk because he was envious of her position in Iraq.

Threats, Investigation, and ‘Punishment’

Upon Phillips’s return from the job, she discovered she had gotten a text message from an unidentified number that stated, “Now you’ve crossed the line and you’re going to pay for it.”

Phillips brought the matter up to executives at CNN. After being investigated by human resources, Lemon was supposedly pulled from his weekday show and designated to a weekend slot.

After making comments in February implying that Republican presidential nominee Nikki Haley was beyond her prime, Lemon found himself in the middle of a controversy.

Lemon’s assertion was challenged by co-host Poppy Harlow, who in turn prompted Lemon to issue an apology for his remarks. According to reports, Lemon underwent “formal training” as a result of his statements.

Improper Behavior

The event that took place in 2008 raises issues about how CNN handles claims of improper behavior.

Although CNN is no longer required to investigate the event since the statute of limitations has passed, it is essential to note that even those in authoritative positions can be held responsible for the acts they take.

Any allegations of wrongdoing in the workplace need to be taken seriously and subjected to a comprehensive investigation.

CNN has not made any comments about the particulars of the event; nevertheless, the company emphasized it is dedicated to providing a courteous and safe working environment for all its workers.

The claims of wrongdoing against Lemon come at a time when other high-profile anchors have been embroiled in scandals and accusations of inappropriate behavior.

In order to maintain a respectful and safe working environment for all workers, it is imperative that places of business address claims of inappropriate behavior and ensure they are dealt with in an appropriate manner.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.