CNN Producer Gets a Reality Check From South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

CNN has fallen on some rough times, as of late. Ever since former President Trump exited the White House in January 2021, CNN’s ratings have fallen dramatically.

On top of this, multiple ex-CNN employees have been caught up in messy affairs, sex scandals, and even sexual abuse charges. To this day, some of their workers, such as John Griffin, a former producer, are facing serious legal issues.

CNN recently tried its hand at launching a new streaming service known as CNN+. The service came with a $5.99 monthly fee and was supposed to further boost CNN’s profile.

Unfortunately for CNN, this didn’t work out so well, forcing them to shut down the service altogether. Now, the company has been given a reality check by South Dakota GOP Governor Kristi Noem, according to Twitchy.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Since the downfall of CNN+, many folks who are not too fond of the network have been making their views known on social media.

CNN producer Ellie Smith took offense to this, thus causing her to put out a tweet of her own. Smith’s message noted the hard work that CNN staffers put into making CNN+ a success.

Finally, the producer called for people to “be kind” to folks with the network who are suffering.

This is when Governor Noem quoted Smith’s tweet and pointed out that this is how Keystone Pipeline workers felt last year.

As many Americans are aware, thousands of Keystone Pipeline workers lost their jobs last January when Biden elected to cancel the pipeline’s permit.

Last year, CNN as a whole didn’t show very much sympathy to these workers or others who were put out of a job by Biden’s executive order.

Double Standards

As a spotlight is being shone onto CNN workers who lost their jobs due to the failure of CNN+, there’s another clear factor here.

Not only did Keystone Pipeline workers lose their jobs in January 2021, but during the height of shutdowns, shelter-in-place orders, etc., many other middle-class Americans lost their jobs as well.

Yet again, when this was happening, CNN didn’t show any compassion toward people who were struggling.

As a matter of fact, the network was all on board with the lockdowns and other restrictions, deeming them as necessary, despite the harm they caused in people’s lives.

At the end of the day, CNN has managed to alienate many Americans who are not die-hard left-wingers. This explains why the network isn’t getting all that much sympathy from the public as it pertains to the failure of CNN+.

What do you think of the response that CNN is getting after its streaming service turned out to be a complete flop? Please let us know in the comments area.