CNN Significantly Ramps Up Criticism of Biden’s Presidency

This past Thursday, Joe Biden wrapped up his first of four years in office. Despite this milestone, Biden doesn’t have much good to show for it.

Coronavirus cases are through the roof, political tensions remain hostile, and Americans are facing inflation, bare store shelves, and problems with the supply chain.

That’s not to mention increasing aggression from both Russia and China; both US enemies appear poised to strike against our allies at any given moment now.

On top of this, Biden is now raising questions about the legitimacy of the November elections that will determine which party controls Congress going forward.

As Biden’s presidency continues to fall apart, even those who were once his greatest defenders are now starting to distance themselves, as covered by The Blaze.

CNN Slams Biden’s First Year in Office

CNN commentator Scott Jennings didn’t hold anything back when he tore into the 46th president’s first 12 months in office.

According to Jennings, Biden has not conducted himself as the affable moderate he campaigned as during the 2020 presidential election.

Going forward, Jennings also stated all Biden had to do was replace Trump and abstain from idiotic and “drastic” behaviors; however, Biden failed on the latter front.

The CNN commentator later made it known that in spite of Biden’s promises to unify the country, he’s been more partisan and divisive than people thought he was capable of.

That’s not to mention Biden’s botched press conference when he all but extended an invitation for Russia to proceed with attacks against Ukraine.

What makes this all the more worrisome is Biden doesn’t have a very good track record with foreign policy, judging from his 2021 management of the Afghanistan pull-out.

Before citing Biden’s presidency as a “disaster,” Jennings noted that more Americans have died under the current president than under Trump.

Losing the Mainstream Media

CNN isn’t the only left-leaning outlet that’s grown increasingly more critical of Biden over the past several months.

Other similar platforms from NBC News, MSNBC, ABC News, etc., have been pointing out the many problems associated with the Biden presidency.

The 46th president especially took heat after he declared that the midterms wouldn’t be legitimate unless Democrats get to pass their stalled “voting rights” bills.

As it turns out, there’s only so poorly one can do in office before the media starts to distance themselves from it. With Biden losing the support of a heavily pro-left network like CNN, it speaks volumes about the failure of his administration and presidency.

What do you think about CNN becoming increasingly more critical of Joe Biden? Do you think Biden is managing to alienate his own base? In the comments area below, share your views with us about what is next to come.