Congress Under Pressure to Confront Retail Crimes

Retail crimes in the United States are a serious problem. They are threatening public safety, private property, and more. Retail shoppers, security guards, and others are being beaten and subjected to physical violence at the hands of these criminals.

Many stores are choosing to close down or otherwise make adjustments, due to retail crimes. Contrary to what pro-crime Democrats want the nation to think, this is not a laughing matter, nor is it a matter that will disappear on its own.

As time passes and as Democrats look the other way, retail crimes are mounting. The situation has gotten to be so dire that CEOs in the retail industry are now pressing Congress to take some action, per Fox Business.

Mounting Pressure on Members of Congress

According to the National Retail Federation, almost seven in ten US retailers suffered an increase in retail crime that is organized and well-planned. Almost 24 CEOs have therefore written to Congress, pressing them to face what’s happening in their communities.

The CEOs who signed onto the letter are leaders of Target, CVS, Best Buy, and other establishments. Stores that sell electronic devices, sporting accessories, and more are facing these crimes at the hands of robbers and they want it to end.

To be specific, these CEOs of major retail establishments want Congress to pass legislation into law that makes it harder for crime to take place. The particulars of this legislation entail identity verifications that make it harder for thieves to sell stolen good on the internet.

The retail CEOs furthermore warn that as things currently stand, there are multiple incentives for thieves to steal and later profit from the robberies.

Will Congress Act Accordingly?

Some Democrats have tried to pretend like the retail theft crisis isn’t a big deal. However, these acts of lawlessness are very pressing, and leftist denial will not make them go away.

Congress certainly needs to take measures to crack down on these crimes; Democrats in blue states are not going to do it. However, whether or not lawmakers listen to retail leaders remains to be seen.

Some leftist members of Congress, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have openly questioned whether or not these thefts and attacks are even happening. Despite this, there is all the video evidence and retail data in the world to document what’s been transpiring here.

If Republicans take back Congress in 2022, retail CEOs can count on some real action happening. Unlike the Democrats, Republicans do not believe in looking the other way as crimes devastate communities.

Do you believe members of Congress have a duty to act, amid the growing wave of crime against retail establishments in America? Sound off below with your views in the comments area.