Connecticut Just Greenlit Horrible Legislation

The normalization of pedophilia is something that countless Americans have been warning is problematic and ongoing for quite some time.

From children being permitted to attend drag shows to the United Nations putting out concerning messaging about kids supposedly being able to consent to sexual relationships with adults, there’s very much an agenda here.

Now, this terrifying trend of normalizing and de-stigmatizing pedophilia continues. This time, Connecticut has chosen to get on board, as reported by Catholic Vote.

What in the World is Happening?

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives in the Connecticut state legislature passed An Act Revising the Stateโ€™s Antidiscrimination Statutes. This act ultimately classified “minor-attracted” individuals a.k.a. pedophiles as a protected class that cannot be discriminated against.

Of course, this is backed by certain groups, such as the Connecticut American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The state-level ACLU argues that An Act Revising the Stateโ€™s Antidiscrimination Statute brings critical updates to Connecticut’s anti-discrimination laws.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no concern from the Connecticut ACLU about how this new provision will impact children being endangered by pedophiles.

Bad News All the Way Around

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that what the Connecticut House of Representatives passed into law has dangerous implications for kids. Under no circumstances should pedophiles be considered or treated as a protected class.

The many Americans who see fault with this legislation are now pointing out that all of this is paving the way to pedophilia being totally normalized and treated as just another sexual orientation.

Amid the existence of horrors like human trafficking, child marriage, and other abominations, giving pedophiles a wink and nod is not something society should ever do.

On social media, Connecticut lawmakers who chose to vote for the aforementioned legislation are rightfully being slammed as part of the problem.