Country Music Legend Sends Critical Message to Americans

Not too long ago, country music star Jason Aldean came out with a hit song called Try That In A Small Town. While the lyrics centered around opposing violence and the importance of communities looking out for one another, the left instantly melted down.

It didn’t take long for Democrats to call Aldean racist and even claim that Try That In a Small Town took a favorable attitude toward lynchings. Despite the country music singer coming out and being clear that these claims are not at all accurate, the criticism still continues.

Now, many others with roots in the music industry are coming to Aldean’s defense and showing their support for his new hit song. One of those folks is country music legend Lee Greenwood, according to the Gateway Pundit.

In an opinion piece, Greenwood stressed the importance of the First Amendment and not letting the hate mob win. The country music singer specifically referenced cancel culture and the grave threat it poses to people being able to freely express themselves.

Greenwood also warned what he’s talking about goes far beyond Aldean. Cautioning that subjecting artists to cancellation is “insidious,” Greenwood said that if the cancel culture mob isn’t stopped now, it could take multiple generations for America to regain freedom of expression.

As his opinion piece continued, the country music legend said he himself was on the receiving end of a hate mob before. This happened when the Biden administration opted to remove Greenwood from the National Endowment of the Arts.

Despite the leftists who want to cancel Aldean and twist the meaning of Try That In a Small Town, the song is still doing well and topping the charts. Conservative country music fans are not only streaming the song and spreading the good word about it, but they’re also encouraging others to do the same.