COVID Fuels Worries Amongst Vaccinated, Boosted Individuals

Over the course of this year, Americans have heard about massive surges in COVID cases. These surges come in spite of people taking their COVID vaccines, booster shots, and otherwise listening to health officials.

The majority of Americans are currently vaccinated against coronavirus. Many of these vaccinated folks also have their booster shots. However, it never seems to be enough.

Omicron is striking many people who are vaccinated and boosted. There have been countless reports of vaccinated people testing positive for this virus, in spite of getting all the shots health officials said would shut down this pandemic.

Health officials and leaders like President Biden keep claiming that COVID is a pandemic of people who are not vaccinated. However, people with COVID vaccines and boosters are ironically the most concerned about this virus, as Breitbart News points out.

Concerns About COVID in America

According to Rasmussen Reports, 75% of vaccinated people in this country are worried about the virus. Of this 75%, 41% are “very” worried about a virus they are immunized against.

However, nearly the polar opposite is true for individuals who are not vaccinated against COVID.

Despite all the vilification and fearmongering the media and leaders have directed towards unvaccinated people, only 36% of the unvaccinated have worries about COVID.

Meanwhile, just 13% of unvaccinated people have extreme worries about coronavirus.

52% of Democrats cite themselves as being extremely concerned about this virus; however, only 22% of Republicans and 26% of voters without party affiliations share this view.

Despite misinformation coming from President Biden himself, COVID vaccines do not stop anyone from catching COVID. They also don’t stop anyone from spreading the virus to others.

Biden’s Broken Promises

Biden, during the most recent presidential race, ran on a vow to do away with COVID. When this didn’t work, Biden tried to pass a series of medical mandates.

Multiple federal judges have blocked these orders from the president. Meanwhile, the United States Supreme Court appears likely to rule against Biden’s mandate for businesses nationwide with over 100 workers to require vaccines or COVID tests for their staff.

Towards the end of 2021, Biden admitted states will need to adapt their own approaches in tackling COVID. Biden was widely panned for this by Republicans and Democrats, especially in light of him continuing to stand by federal COVID mandates.

If there really is not a federal answer to coronavirus as Biden states, then logic dictates he must back down from federal COVID mandates. However, this White House continuously proves it has no relationship with logic or integrity.

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