COVID Vaccines, Mandates Becoming More Unpopular

Believe it or not, the end of COVID vaccine mandates may be coming. There’s no doubt that strongly blue cities in heavily blue states will continue holding onto their mandates.

However, regarding the general public, pushback against COVID vaccine mandates is happening. Earlier this week, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration declared it won’t proceed with enforcing Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate until litigation regarding the mandate has concluded.

Right now, the Federal Appeals Court has an ongoing injunction against Biden’s medical mandate, pending additional analysis. The White House has tried to get this injunction overturned; yet, the Federal Appeals Court only confirmed this injunction will maintain.

Now, a brand new Fox News poll is showing COVID vaccines and mandates are seriously losing popularity in the United States.

The Loss of Support for COVID Vaccines and Mandates

This latest survey from Fox News truly shines a light on the growing exasperation Americans have with COVID vaccines and the mandates that often come along with them.

Right now, only 58% of the country views COVID vaccines as effective; yet, back in September, 65% stated the shots were efficient. Meanwhile, since September, there’s been a 1% increase from 29% to now 30% of Americans who believe the COVID vaccine is ineffective.

Back in September, 61% of Americans favored COVID vaccine mandates for teachers; however, current support for COVID vaccine mandates for teachers has dropped to 55%.

Likewise, a similar pattern emerges with the nationwide COVID vaccine mandate Biden is trying to impose upon workers. During September, 56% of Americans backed this measure; today, only 49% favor it.

The Message from This Poll

There is a very clear message from this Fox News poll. Democrats may not want to hear the message, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant.

As time passes, more Americans are questioning the COVID vaccine. This is especially the case as the medical establishment changes the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include booster shots.

Mandates are also drumming up more and more opposition while time progresses. People don’t want the government in their business, forcing a needle into their bodies, and threatening them with the loss of their livelihoods if they refuse.

Despite how much power COVID has given bureaucrats to control the lives of Americans, a growing number of people are ready to move beyond this virus. Vaccines are out; booster shots are out.

Ongoing, endless restrictions are not in keeping with the wants or interests of the American public. If Democrats insist on staying this course, they will continue to lose elections and drop in approval ratings. It’s no coincidence that on Thursday, Biden’s approval ratings fell to yet another low of 36%.

What do you make of the report that both COVID vaccines and vaccine mandates are becoming increasingly unpopular as time passes? We’re interested to read your thoughts in the comments field.