Crisis Pregnancy Centers Under Fire After Downfall of Roe v. Wade

Late last month, the United States Supreme Court capsized Roe v. Wade.

In doing so, there are no longer federal protections in place for abortion. This means states alone will get to set their laws that determine whether abortion is completely banned, permitted with certain restrictions, or completely permitted.

There’s been mass anger and outrage nationwide from people who were in favor of Roe v. Wade. A lot of this has involved riots in the streets, some of which often lead to various arrests.

Democrats, naturally, are saying the Supreme Court needs to be expanded, due to how the justices ruled on Roe.

Now, crisis pregnancy centers are finding themselves under fire as well, according to Washington Examiner.

Negative Reviews For Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Initially, after the downfall of Roe, crisis pregnancy centers were targeted with vandalism and other physically destructive acts. However, some of the latest attacks against these establishments are taking place online.

Activist group Gen-Z for Change is using software that allows for crisis pregnancy centers to be targeted with mass negative reviews online. Naturally, this is intended to financially damage these establishments and stop people from giving them any business.

With this software in question, a dummy profile is created. From here comes a series of negative reviews on platforms such as Yelp.

With Roe toppled, there have been growing numbers of pregnancy crisis centers getting slammed in reviews, many of which aren’t from people who actually went to these places of business for service.

Due to the nature of Gen-Z for Change’s software, tracking down the individual culprits behind it is not as easy as it may seem on the surface.

Opponents of crisis pregnancy centers have long accused them of being manipulative and damaging to women.

Major Pushback From Democrats

Gen-Z for Change and similar activist groups aren’t the only ones who have a bone to pick with crisis pregnancy centers.

With Roe v. Wade gone, many Democrats have amped up their attacks against these establishments. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for instance, paints crisis pregnancy centers as dangerous, rather than helpful, to women.

On social media, other leftists and left-wing voters have made clear the aversion they have to crisis pregnancy centers, due to these establishments not providing abortion services.

Some left-wing social media users have even cheered on activists who are hitting crisis pregnancy centers with back-to-back negative reviews.

At this time, it remains to be seen how long crisis pregnancy centers stay under fire. Law enforcement has been repeatedly called on the scene in cases of property damage against these establishments.

What are your views about the latest online attacks being waged against America’s crisis pregnancy centers? Let us know in the comments area how long you think these attacks will last.