Cruz: Pelosi Will Question Legitimacy of November Midterms

With April already here, the midterm elections are now seven months away.

For many months leading up to now, the Democrats have been floundering in the polls, and their policies are leaving one wake of destruction after the next.

Things have gotten so bad for Democrats ahead of the midterms that many left-wing lawmakers in the House of Representatives are refusing to pay owed dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

As the midterm elections get closer to present day, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz warns that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not going to take the loss gracefully, according to Newsmax.

Predictions For Pelosi’s Post-Midterms Behavior

During a recent interview with Fox News, Cruz said that when Democrats lose control of Congress, Pelosi’s going to question the legitimacy of the elections altogether.

Cruz went on claim that despite Democrats’ policies failing and leading to higher gas prices, higher interest rates, etc., this won’t stop the House Speaker from saying the November elections are rigged if Democrats don’t win them.

Pelosi is already on the record, openly talking about how badly she thinks things will be if the Republican Party takes back control of Congress.

According to the House Speaker, the “democracy” of the United States will be in trouble if the GOP wins the November elections.

In reality, “democracy” has been threatened by the draconian medical mandates the left has been trying to normalize and implement since 2020.

More Panic Within the Democrat Party

Pelosi isn’t the only one in the Democrat Party who is horrified by the inevitable outcome waiting for leftists in November.

Earlier this week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lashed out at Biden, claiming that he’s tried too hard to win approval from moderate Sen. Joe Manchin.

Nevertheless, without Manchin’s vote, Biden literally cannot get anything past a Senate that’s equally split between Republicans and Democrats.

Ocasio-Cortez also accused Biden of letting down young, left-wing voters by not yet fulfilling the promise he made to get rid of student loans.

Nevertheless, what’s really hurting the Democrat Party is the ways in which their leadership has caused so many crises. The problems created by Democrats are so overtly in the faces of Americans each day that they can’t be overlooked or forgotten.

This, ultimately, is what’s dug Democrats into their current hole, not Joe Manchin or even Biden’s failure to end student loan debt. In fact, ending student loan debt is not something Biden can do on his own, even as the president.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi is going to call the integrity of the midterm elections into question if and when Democrats fail to keep their majorities in Congress? Let us know how you see this playing out in the comments section.