Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise with Biden in Office

The Biden administration continues to threaten America’s safety with inept choices, dangerous policies, and poor judgment calls. Since Biden got into the White House, the country faced a series of hacks against fuel pipelines, meat plants, etc.

At the same time, Biden’s also been making moves that seriously hurt the nation’s credibility overseas with our allies. As this president shreds the relationships we have with our allies, he’s emboldened our enemies and terrorists.

Biden left high-grade U.S. military weapons in the hands of the Taliban; yet, he has the audacity to push for gun control restrictions to make firearm ownership harder for law-abiding Americans.

Now, The Epoch Times reports the president is apparently taking some sort of stance in regards to cybersecurity in the United States.

The White House’s Plan on Cybersecurity

Late last week, President Biden announced the country’s national security officials will convene with 30 different countries over the course of October. The purposes of these meetings will center around preventing cyberattacks, ransomware, and other similar offenses.

These planned gatherings come after the aforementioned attacks against critical supplies used nationwide. Biden mentioned cryptocurrency as a matter that his administration will be focusing on; however, cryptocurrency has long predated the attacks on Americans’ fuel pipelines, meat supplies, etc.

Generally, data encryption happens before ransomware attacks are carried out. In 2021 alone, companies to come up against cybercriminals have caved and paid the demanded ransoms in order to regain access to their systems.

Many experts have noted that paying these criminals merely emboldens them. However, when companies are in vulnerable positions with information in the hands of cyberhackers, it’s no easy feat.

What Will Come of the Meetings?

In truth, time will tell what comes of these cybersecurity meetings; after all, they have yet to take place. However, judging from the track record of the Biden administration, Americans shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Biden has constantly dropped the ball, broken his promises, and gone back on his word. He campaigned on leading as at least somewhat of a moderate; then, after getting into office, Biden began leading as a radical leftist authoritarian.

Mixed with Biden’s authoritarianism are stupidity and a lack of good judgment. This makes having him in office especially dangerous; with less than nine months on the job, the ineffectiveness and disaster from this president getting into the White House continues to become apparent.

Hopefully, the United States will not be subject to any more cyberattacks. With all the issues currently facing the nation, cybercrime is the last thing that needs to be added to the list.

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