Demand for Gas in America Drops Amid Omicron

Omicron, the newest coronavirus variant, is one of the latest chapters of COVID; however, this strain is different from others.

For starters, omicron and the common cold have quite a few parallels. Their symptoms entail a runny nose, sore throat, etc. Secondly, omicron is significantly less dangerous than previous coronavirus strains to come before it.

Another interesting factor about omicron is the fact of its emergence in individuals who are vaccinated against COVID. Many of these vaccinated individuals also have booster shots; however, this isn’t stopping them from testing positive.

Americans’ reactions to this latest strain of COVID have been mixed, to say the least; however, Fox Business reports the direct link between the rise of this variant and the decrease in demand for gas in the United States.

The Latest on Gas Demand in the United States

Under the Biden administration, gas prices have risen exponentially; this comes as a result of actions the 46th president has taken that are hostile to energy production and energy independence in the nation.

However, as omicron makes its way through the country, there’s been a 6.3% fall in demand for gasoline nationwide since one week from Monday. Since one week from Sunday, demand has fallen to the tune of 5.5%.

Right now, it’s too early to determine if the demand for gas will keep falling. However, GasBuddy petroleum analyst Patrick De Haan says Americans aren’t really feeling serious impacts from the declining demand.

Finally, De Haan is of the view that the costs of gas will increase during the summertime in June, yet fall by the time this year’s holiday season rolls around.

The GasBuddy petroleum analyst did not mention the impacts that inflation can have on the demand and prices of gas in the future.

Other Changes from Omicron

As demand for gas drops, additional changes, such as a decline in the availability of airline workers, are also present. Many flights across the world are being delayed and cancelled, as more workers at airline companies call in sick, claiming to have COVID.

The Biden administration continues to argue that COVID is currently a pandemic impacting unvaccinated individuals.

However, judging from the amounts of vaccinated and boosted people repeatedly testing positive for this virus, in addition to having symptoms, the Biden administration has it wrong yet again.

Finally, it is worth noting that omicron is here despite Biden previously promising Americans that he would defeat and shut down COVID. The 46th president has done no such thing; in fact, he’s overseen more COVID deaths during his term than Trump did.

What do you think about this newfound fall in demand for gas? Do you think the demand will pick back up in the next few weeks? In the comments section below, share your predictions.