Democratic Strategist Shares Bad News About Biden’s Job Performance

Despite what Joe Biden would like to believe, his time as president is not going well.

Polls show that Americans are deeply worried about the economy, for starters. This is very understandable, given the fact that interest rates went up last month and inflation’s been an issue for nearly a year.

Then, there’s the fact that gas prices are at historic highs; crime rates are troublingly heightened in various communities across the country and people aren’t all that optimistic about the future.

There are a series of steps the Biden administration could take to fix these problems. However, the White House has been very clear that it has no intention of walking back any of its policies.

Unfortunately, for the president, though, a Democratic strategist is warning that his political party is in big trouble, according to Breitbart News.

Not a Good Sign for the Democrat Party

One Democratic strategist warned that Biden is doing poorly in swing states like Arizona that will play a role in the midterms.

On top of this, the reality of historically high inflation, energy problems, and America’s trajectory towards a recession is not doing Democrats any favors.

The same Democratic strategist warned that people just don’t trust Biden, thereby posing a problem for him and his political party.

Meanwhile, officials of the Biden administration have expressed frustration that their “messaging” isn’t resonating with the American public. Granted, this might be different if the White House actually listened to Americans.

By refusing to end the energy crisis via restoring US energy independence and production, the president is dooming Americans to elevated gas prices that are wreaking havoc on the economy.

Democratic Infighting

As Democrats’ policies continue to backfire on themselves and the rest of the country, infighting within the party has already begun.

Towards the end of March, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Biden remains at fault for the Democrats’ current problems.

The left-wing congresswoman claimed by the White House not delivering for the younger voters of the Democrats’ base, it’s led to a lack of enthusiasm for the party.

Somehow, Ocasio-Cortez didn’t mention anything about inflation, higher crime rates, illegal immigration on the southern border, or the host of other issues that stem from this administration.

Meanwhile, the Biden White House remains deadset on continuing with the actions it’s taken ever since getting into power. This is a huge reason why the Republican Party is on course to get back control of Congress after November.

What do you think about left-wing strategists warning that Biden and the Democrats are in very real trouble? Are you surprised that strategists on the left are openly admitting this? Let us know in the comments area how you think things are going for Democrats.