Democrats Barely Treading Water Ahead of November Midterms

When Democrats pulled out all the stops to ensure Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, they certainly weren’t expecting his presidency to backfire.

However, in the less than two years Biden’s held the White House, his failures and political baggage have been weighing down on Democrats big time. It’s gotten to be so bad that many Democrats with ongoing campaigns don’t even want to be openly seen with Biden.

With the midterms coming up in seven months, to say the Democrat Party is in rough shape barely scratches the surface. As a matter of fact, this is so clear to see that even left-wing outlets like Punchbowl News are pointing it out, per Breitbart News.

Punchbowl News on the Horrific State of the Democrat Party

Punchbowl News cited the greatest factors working against Democrats as the following:

  • Nearly three dozen Democrats stepping down from the House of Representatives
  • In-party divisions between progressives and moderate/establishment Democrats
  • The demise of the Build Back Better Act
  • Low poll numbers for Democrats

It certainly doesn’t help Democrats that the president of their own party has an approval rating that’s below 40%.

Meanwhile, with less than four out of ten Americans supporting his presidency, Biden continues to openly pat himself on the back and feign as though all is well.

Many progressives have also grown annoyed with Biden for failing to cancel student loan debt, get Build Back Better passed, or make community college free.

Meanwhile, Independents who voted for Biden in 2020 have been turned off by him abandoning the moderate disposition he displayed on the campaign trail for radical policies and rhetoric as president.

Another Fire for Democrats to Put Out

Over the past few weeks, gas prices in the United States have leaped to historic levels that were unseen since the crash of 2008.

This has put Biden’s anti-energy, anti-fracking, anti-pipeline, and anti-oil drilling policies back under a microscope. With Americans spending growing amounts of money at the pumps, Biden is facing more calls to reinstate pipelines and allow domestic oil production.

Republicans have especially slammed the president for turning to Venezuela and Iran for oil when the United States is more than capable of oil production.

Already, the Biden administration is putting out the narrative that Russian dictator Putin is accountable for America’s higher gas costs. This isn’t sticking with the American public as well as the White House would like for it to.

As “#BidenGasCrisis” trends on Twitter for days on end, this certainly doesn’t make Democrats any more likely to win the midterms.

Do you believe the Democrat Party is in poor shape ahead of this year’s midterm elections? We’re very much interested in reading your thoughts below in the comments area.