Democrats Can’t Shake the Dark Cloud of Inflation

Inflation is a problem Joe Biden and his White House have consistently chosen not to fix or address. The last the Biden administration came even close to mentioning inflation was when they contended it was “transitory.”

This claim has since been proven as a bald-faced lie. To this day, the 46th president refuses to be straight with the American people on inflation and then step forward with solutions. Instead, Biden’s ignoring the crisis and then making it worse by amping up the spending of the federal government.

It’s very clear the White House doesn’t want to draw attention to just how poor of an impact Biden’s had on the country’s economy. However, Fox Business reports inflation as an issue that will continue to stick with the American public.

The Undeniable Reality About US Inflation

This week, the Labor Department officially confirmed that last month, the consumer price index jumped by a total of 6.8%. This is the largest jump the nation has witnessed since the early 1980s.

It also means the Biden administration forced the nation into a situation where inflation is higher than it has been in 39 years. This is unacceptable and much to the chagrin of Democrats, Republicans aren’t letting voters forget about inflation.

The GOP is likewise citing inflation as a critical reason why the power balance in Congress needs to shift from Democrats to Republicans in 2022.

Several months ago, members of the Republican Party warned about the adverse consequences that would stem from Democrats blowing money like there’s no tomorrow.

Suffice it to say, Democrats did not listen to these valid warnings; they kept passing spending bills, handing out stimulus checks, and now look at what a mess the economy has become in a matter of months.

What Democrats Should Anticipate Ahead of the 2022 Midterms

If inflation in and of itself does not ensure Democrats lose power in Congress, it will certainly be a contributing factor. Democrats control the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. Yet, they have absolutely nothing positive to show for it.

Democrats should expect Republicans to hold them accountable for the horrific decisions they’ve made since January 2021. Furthermore, Democrats should be prepared for Republicans to present voters with a different style of leadership that lessens taxes and spending, without encroaching on Americans’ freedoms.

Between now and 2022, there is the real likelihood of inflation getting significantly more troubling than it is now. The Biden administration and Democrats in Congress have not shown a shred of evidence detailing a plan to fix the economy whatsoever.

What do you think about the latest rise of inflation on the watch of the Democrat Party? In the comments section below, we’re excited to read your thoughts.