Democrats’ Focus on Trans Policies Could Cost Them the 2024 Election

"Senator Clinton speaks at AIPAC" by Lorie Shaull

It’s evident at this point in time that the Biden administration failed at every step.

While Joe may have his quirks, the rest of the Democrats aren’t much better, prompting Hillary Clinton to speak up on the many underlying issues with the party.

Namely, she pointed out the Democrats’ focus on trans issues will be their downfall, assuring that if they continue at this pace, it could cost them the 2024 election and even democracy as a whole.

“Hillary Clinton” by Gage Skidmore

Even Hillary is in disbelief

While that last part is nothing more than the ramblings of someone who lost the 2016 election, the future isn’t exactly bright for the Democrat Party.

Midterm elections are right around the corner and the Republican Party is projected to win by a landslide.

Hillary added that top Democrats are sacrificing valuable time to pursue activist causes like fighting for the rights of the already-privileged trans community, making them the most important small minority in the entire country.

Furthermore, she shed a significant amount of criticism on their willingness to witch hunt a famous author, J.K. Rowling, for her views on transgenderism, effectively branding her a fascist to the general public.

This comes after Rowling labeled herself as a TERF, that being a feminist that refuses the notion of trans women having access to women’s rights and female-only spaces.

Biden signs bill protecting gender reaffirming care

What’s more, Hillary’s comments came only a day after Biden signed an executive order to protect “gender-affirming care.”

This includes, but isn’t limited to, gender reassignment surgery and administering of body and mind-altering drugs to minors.

In fact, Joe went as far as claiming Republicans against this unethical practice were “bullying LGBTQ children,” almost as if children as young as elementary school age should even know what “sexuality“ is.

However, considering his fondness for younger women, and the more recent leaks from his daughter’s diary, depicting the two of them having showers together, Biden’s stance on the matter should come as a surprise to no one.

The way we’re headed is the exact opposite of the American values we once cherished and respected.

We’ve reached a point where government officials like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez are shoving LGBT propaganda down everyone’s throats, using gender-neutral language like “people who menstruate” or “pregnant people.”

This is exactly what Rowling stood against.

It invades the female identity, allowing anyone diagnosed with a well-known mental illness to label themself as a woman, and with it, gain access to private spaces and rights that only biological females should have.

In fact, even a small portion of the gay community spoke up against gender reassignment treatments on children.

They pointed out a large amount of those kids “grow out” of that mindset, eventually becoming discontent with the irreversible changes they opted for.