Democrats Less Engaged in US News Than Republicans

Many of the Americans who cast their votes for Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential election have since lived to regret that vote. For starters, Biden has significantly disappointed his base, which appears to shrink by the day.

A fair number of Biden voters believed that electing him would beat back coronavirus; however, this turned out to be nothing more than an empty, unfulfilled campaign promise.

The same also applies to Biden’s vows of forgiving student loan debt and making US community colleges free.

As all of this plays out, many Democrats are finding different means of not openly connecting themselves to Biden in the public eye. Now, American Thinker reports that Democrats of today are far less engaged in US news than Republicans.

The Sharp Shift in Left-wing Engagement

A survey jointly conducted by both Gallup and the Knight Foundation has some very interesting data regarding how Democrats are keeping up with American news these days.

The data shows everyone that one year ago, Democrats were 35% more likely to keep up to date on nationwide news. Meanwhile, in present times, Democrats between the ages of 35 and 54 have lost interest in national news to the tune of 41%.

The downward shift in Democrats engaging in the news is not all that shocking when the context is considered. For instance, time and time again, the news highlights the various ways in which Biden’s failed as a leader.

Biden’s net negative approval ratings are plastered all over the news. Meanwhile, the fallout from his botched policies on immigration, crime, guns, foreign policy, inflation, etc., are also front and center.

A Lame Duck President

At this moment, it’s tough for anyone to really look around and say that Biden is making them proud as president of the United States.

Biden has, of course, remained in the doghouse with Republicans and conservatives. However, even Independents have become increasingly more opposed to Biden.

Independents were moved by Biden’s campaign pitch of being a moderate; yet, the reality of Biden’s presidency has been a consistent pattern of both extremism and failures.

Democrats, on the other hand, aren’t too pleased with Biden’s failure to get his agenda passed. Many on the left wanted free community college and the eradication of student loan debt. Biden hasn’t done any of this.

Progressives wanted Biden to pass the Build Back Better agenda, implement various climate change rules, and make partisan “voting rights” legislation the law of the land. Likewise, the president has not made any of this happen.

At this time, it’s not that hard to see why Democrats aren’t pleased with Biden or why they’re already mulling over running Hillary Clinton in 2024.

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