Democrats React to Subpoena of Trump By January 6 Committee

On Friday, the January 6 committee formally subpoenaed former President Trump. This subpoena happened amid the committee’s charge that Trump had a front-and-center role in the riots that took over the Capitol last year.

According to the January 6 committee, Trump is now under legal orders to testify next month. In making this demand, the committee also calls for the ex-president to provide records that relate to January 6.

“Democracy Under Attack” by Bill Bryan

News of this went viral on social media with people across the nation weighing in. Even the committee itself acknowledged it’s somewhat historic for a former president to be subpoenaed in this fashion.

Now, Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin is making headlines for his reaction to the subpoena, according to Breitbart News.

The Latest From Raskin on the Subpoena of Trump

While interviewing with MSNBC, Raskin was questioned about whether or not he believes the former president is going to comply with the formally issued subpoena.

The Democratic lawmaker stated Trump should follow through with the subpoena and not be a “snowflake” by trying to get out of testifying. Raskin moved to solidify this point by noting various officials and relatives of Trump have already spoken with the January 6 committee.

Later, Raskin said respect for the “rule of law” is another reason why the former president should comply with the subpoena from the January 6 committee.

After claiming it’s the former president’s “patriotic duty” to testify before the committee, Raskin shot down Trump’s continuous claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and wrongfully stolen from him.

Backlash Against the Subpoena

Despite the comments from Raskin, many Americans made it clear they weren’t supportive of the January 6 committee’s decision to subpoena the former president.

Conservatives and Trump supporters especially slammed the move, saying this was more about politics than getting down to the truth. Others suggested the committee has a personal vendetta against Trump and is doing as much as possible to damage him.

At this rate, it remains to be seen how the former president responds to being formally subpoenaed. Earlier this month, talk arose about the committee subpoenaing Trump, but for a subpoena to be formally in effect is a game changer.

Some of the former president’s critics are already speculating he may not go through with testifying before the January 6 committee. If this happens, then certain repercussions, including potential jail time, could very well enter the equation.

What do you think about the January 6 committee subpoenaing former President Trump? Do you have any opinions about the reactions from Americans regarding this action from the January 6 committee?

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