Democrats Stay Focused on Ending Filibuster, Despite Lacking Necessary Votes

The Democrat Party is having a lot of issues as of late. With months away from the midterm elections, they know it’s only a matter of time before they’re voted out of power.

All the polls show Republicans in strong positions to oust their Democrat counterparts from congressional office. Meanwhile, Democrats are bogged down by a president of their party who has terrible approval ratings in the low 30% range.

Since Democrats are unable to get support for various spending bills and election-related legislation, they want to get rid of the filibuster.

However, they don’t have the votes to do this either, seeing as 50 Senate Republicans and two Senate Democrats presently oppose terminating the filibuster.

In spite of all this, recent remarks from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer indicate that Democrats aren’t planning to give up on axing the filibuster anytime soon, per Newsmax.

Schumer’s Latest Comments on the Senate Filibuster

On Tuesday, the Senate Majority Leader reiterated that Democrats remain focused on trying to remove the filibuster and pass legislation that would rip away states’ rights when it comes to elections.

Schumer acknowledged that Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are opposed to ending the filibuster; however, the Senate Majority Leader quickly followed this up by declaring that the fight still remains ongoing.

The news comes as Democrats are desperate to get these bills passed. Because the Democrat Party has collectively chosen to cut the GOP minority out of the legislative process, they need every single vote from their own party members.

However, the left’s radicalism has reached such heights that even the moderates in their own party want to pump the breaks. Schumer and other Democrats like him continue to show a complete lack of regard for what the moderates in their own party are saying.

A Redundant Political Fight

The squabbles over the Senate filibuster have gotten to be quite old, as this point. Democrats like Schumer can say whatever they want about the fight not yet being over.

However, the facts still remain. With 52 senators opposed to a takedown of the filibuster, the votes to get rid of this congressional procedure are simply not there.

At the end of the day, the campaign to delete the filibuster is merely a naked power grab. Democrats, when they were the minority party in Congress, consistently used the filibuster.

The Democrats of today who want the filibuster gone now were previously some of the filibuster’s greatest defenders. This claim of the filibuster being a relic of prejudice and racism simply doesn’t hold up against reality.

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