Democrats Turn On One of Their Top Senators

The Democrat Party isn’t just in big trouble in the upcoming midterms. They’re also in a world of internal disorder and conflict.

At the heart of this is Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.ย Why?

Manchin is standing in the way of passing the reconciliation bill. This bill would allow Democrats to get past the filibuster in the Senate and start actually passing laws and using their power.

Manchin has made it clear he’s not going to play their heavy spending game and write blank checks. The Democrats have finally had enough.

Joe Manchin is Cancelled

Manchin is a Democrat, but he’s not among those on the far left who want to write endless blank checks for the government.

He’s made it clear he won’t be part of forcing through parts the Build Back Better (BBB) bill without being given a serious say in other legislation he wants put through.

Speaking recently on a radio show in his home state of West Virginia, Manchin said he’ll think about getting onboard with reconciliation, but King Joe knows his vote is the Senate is something the Democrats need.

He has a lot of power.

Biden, however, finally pulled the plug on Manchin, saying he won’t bother trying to get his climate change package put through Congress.

Manchin has played hard to get for long enough; the left has now decided Manchin is nothing but a bill-tease who’s no longer worth their time.

It’s certainly possible to see the frustration of both sides here. Although it just so happens that Manchin is on the side of logic and basic restraint, while Biden is on the side of pie in the sky promises and ideological obsession.

That’s good news for everyone who doesn’t want our entire government to go completely insane with overspending and a Green New Deal mentality.

Blaming Joe

Democrats have found Manchin to be a useful scapegoat for their own lack of direction or realism. They want everything possible to be done against climate change, even if it means crashing our economy and shooting inflation to the moon even worse than it currently is.

The fact of the matter is a split 50-50 Senate made it clear right from the start that Manchin and any skeptical lawmakers needed to be brought on in making a bill, instead of just trying to shoehorn them in after the fact.

Instead, the Democrats and arrogant operators like Senator Chuck Schumer left a loose cannon in their midst. They tried to piece Manchin in and condescendingly give him a few crumbs of the cookie.

It didn’t work. Now, the Democrats are fully done with Manchin and their climate agenda is stalled out and done for in this cycle.

The Bottom Line

After the midterms, there’s a very high probability that a Republican-controlled House isn’t going to be doing anything to help Biden out in any case. So, Manchin will fade in importance.

For now, he’s made his point and will long be a pariah in his own party for getting in the way of their ideological obsession.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.