DeSantis Makes Key Military Promise, Contingent on 2024 Election Win

Late in May, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis formally joined the 2024 presidential election. DeSantis is now campaigning in key states, such as Iowa, amid working to raise his profile across the country.

As DeSantis carries on with his campaign, voters are getting a clearer look at his policies, what he stands for, and the type of leadership he’d bring to the Oval Office.

According to the Florida governor, a key aspect of his leadership will involve reforming the military, especially rolling back the damage brought on by the Biden administration.

DeSantis made this clear during a recent event, as reported by the Tampa Free Press.

A Clear Message

Last week, DeSantis spent time campaigning in South Carolina. It was during this period that he revealed that if he becomes the 47th president, one of his top priorities will be rolling back wokeness in the US military.

DeSantis, who also previously served in the Navy, explained that military morale, along with military recruitment rates, have taken serious hits since Biden got into the White House. It’s for this reason that DeSantis stated it’s time to “rip out [military nonsense] by the roots.”

Another standout from the Florida governor’s remarks was his announcement that veterans have come up to him and said they wouldn’t feel comfortable with their kids or grandkids joining today’s military.

No Laughing Matter

DeSantis’ warning about inadequate military recruitment rates being a problem is nothing to shrug off. Between wokeness in the military and soldiers being previously booted out due to Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate, things have significantly taken a turn for the worst.

Given all that’s happening in the world, the United States truly needs to have a military that’s in tip-top shape. Though as long as Biden is in the White House, this country is going to get precisely the opposite.