DeSantis Slams Trump in New Interview

Tension continues to brew between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Trump. For some time, the two were political allies. However, that began to change amid talk of DeSantis running for president in 2024.

So far, DeSantis has not ruled out a 2024 presidential run, much to the annoyance of Trump. In recent months, the former president has upped his criticism of the Florida governor whom he once praised.

For a while, DeSantis wasn’t really responding to Trump. However, the gloves are coming off as the Florida governor now expresses his thoughts about the former president, as the New York Post reports.

What DeSantis Really Thinks of Trump

The Florida governor stated during an interview with TV personality Piers Morgan that he would have handled COVID in a different manner than Trump. Getting into specifics, DeSantis expressly declared he would have fired Fauci, rather than keeping Fauci on as Trump did.

Later, DeSantis said his style of governing would center around getting “points on the board” without the “daily drama” that some have attributed to the Trump administration.

The Florida governor also made a point of laughing off the various sarcastic nicknames that Trump has given him. According to DeSantis, he’s fine with the nicknames, so long as he’s also dubbed a winner. DeSantis then noted that Florida is winning under his leadership and going to the next level.

This came before DeSantis further dismissed attacks against him as “background noise.”

Knives Out?

After DeSantis’ latest sitdown with Piers Morgan, there are speculations that he will begin pushing back against attacks from Trump, rather than ignoring them as he has been.

So far, the Florida governor has yet to declare himself as a 2024 presidential candidate. However, the months of May and June are widely viewed as the time in which DeSantis will declare his candidacy, if he does get into the race.