DeSantis Trashes Fauci Over Puppy Torture Experiments, Gain-of-Function Research Funding

Tony Fauci is in hot water for a series of reasons. The latest scandal comes over news that Fauci used the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to fund inhumane experiments on beagles.

These experiments entailed beagles having their vocal cords chopped so they couldn’t scream in pain as disease-ridden insects ate their faces alive. There are calls for Fauci to face arrest; furthermore, a bipartisan body of legislators in Washington D.C. are demanding answers.

Next comes the revelation that Fauci lied about supposedly not funding gain-of-function research via EcoHealth Alliance. Recently, the NIH came out and poured hot water over Fauci’s lies, admitting their institution did, in fact, fund gain-of-function research.

Amid these latest developments, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis weighed in with his take, per Breitbart News.

DeSantis on the Latest Fauci Scandals

During a Monday press conference in North Venice, Florida, the governor did not hold back. DeSantis slammed the National Institutes of Health for using U.S. tax dollars to fund Chinese research into viruses that could harm people.

The Florida governor later declared these “mad scientists” should be shut down from using American taxpayer dollars to run these sorts of experiments. Later, DeSantis trashed the “despicable” experiments being conducted on beagle puppies, experiments that Fauci and the NIH funded.

The governor explained these experiments need to be brought to an immediate halt; this remark came before DeSantis said bureaucrats don’t have leeway to do whatever they please with taxpayer dollars and subject puppies to unimaginable cruelty.

Finally, the Florida governor called for Fauci and others like him to be ultimately fired.

Holding Fauci Accountable

Thus far, Fauci has yet to be held accountable for virtually a single thing he’s said or done. GOP Senator Rand Paul exposed Fauci for lying multiple times; however, the White House hasn’t done anything about it.

Meanwhile, the leftist media largely continues to sing Fauci’s praises and pretend like he can do no wrong. Democrat-favored media outlets like CNN, ABC, etc., are all but silent about the puppy torture experiments Fauci funded.

These outlets also aren’t too keen on the letter from the NIH admitting the organization funded gain-of-function research, despite Fauci’s claims to the contrary.

Now, there are reports coming out that Fauci even had a role in cruel experiments being conducted on monkeys where their brains were destroyed and injected with toxic substances.

It is high time for America to collectively hold Fauci accountable and cease this ridiculous act that Fauci’s a god who can do no wrong.

Do you agree with the Florida governors remarks about Fauci and the NIH? Do you believe it’s time to start holding government bureaucrats accountable for their behavior? Share your views below in the comments field.