Disturbing Charges Brought Against Scientology Church Leader

Scientology is a set of religious practices and beliefs that generally regard spiritual understanding and knowledge of self.

Many practicing Scientologists go through various training and studies for the aforementioned purposes. Actor Tom Cruise is one of the most well-known Scientologists today.

However, Scientology has also been described as cultish and even abusive to certain people involved in its orbit.

This is especially true after a new lawsuit that accuses Scientology church leader David Miscavige of labor trafficking, child trafficking, and other serious forms of abuse, per The Hill.

Accusations Against Scientology’s Church Leader

Ex-Scientologists Gawain Baxter, Laura Baxter, and Valeska Paris sued the Church of Scientology, saying the church labor trafficked them, starting around the time they were six years old.

During this time, the Baxters and Paris said they were made to sign forms where they promised to work for the church for “one billion years” with either meager pay or no pay at all.

Other parts of the lawsuit claim the Clearwater, Florida-based Church of Scientology treats six-year-old children as adults and even bars them from schooling outside of Scientology.

According to Gawain Baxter, when he was 14, he spent 12 hours per day cleaning and renovating for the church without getting paid for it.

Valeska Paris says that during her time as a 17-year-old, she was punished for her mother leaving the church, sexually abused, locked in hot rooms, and subjected to other forms of abuse.

No Response From the Church of Scientology

At this time, the Church of Scientology has yet to give any kind of public response to the lawsuit being brought against its church leader.

However, the claims made by the three plaintiffs are echoed by other ex-Scientologists who have departed from the church and the religion altogether.

Given the serious nature of the allegations in this lawsuit, many people are eager to hear what the Church of Scientology has to say to itself.

Ex-Scientologists, such as actress Leah Remini, have praised the plaintiffs for the lawsuit.

They’ve applauded these people for standing up against the reported abuses they faced, helping children of the future avoid the same fate, and giving others who may have been abused by Scientology the courage to speak out.

At this time, it remains to be seen what comes from the lawsuit and whether or not the plaintiffs are able to win. However, rumors about how the Church of Scientology treats its members have been around for quite some time.

Reports of child trafficking, labor trafficking, child abuse, and sexual abuse are especially disturbing.

What do you think about the claims being brought against the Church of Scientology in this lawsuit? Please don’t hesitate to weigh in down below in the comments area.