Does Joe Biden Have Alzheimer’s Disease?

Does Joe Biden have Alzheimer’s disease? It’s an uncomfortable question, but it needs to be asked.

The list of his behavior that meets the symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s is long; if he does have it, then the 25th Amendment needs to be invoked.

We can’t have an executive in charge of our nation and armed forces who can’t remember basic things or his surroundings.

Biden Forgets Who the President Is

On Tuesday, before the White House Congressional Picnic, an exclusive event for members of Congress and their families, Biden admitted he doesn’t know who the current president is.

This isn’t the first time, either. Lately, Biden has been somewhat confused. Every time you mention Kamala Harris’ name, he calls her “President Harris.”

Is he predicting the future or just completely out of it?

Biden has signs of Alzheimer’s, which wouldn’t be surprising because of his age. It’s either that or he’s being a great actor and already playing psychological games for people to get used to the likely position Harris wants so much in 2024.

Anything is possible, really…

He may be so ashamed to be who he is, a lousy president, that he wants to throw all responsibility for his bad administration on top of his deputy.

It’s also not surprising that Biden’s team always makes racist and offensive comments correlating everything with their ethnicities. Jill Biden was probably hoping the picnic on Tuesday would have had more breakfast tacos.

We’re Paying the Bill For Biden’s Breakdown

It is we, Americans, who are counting every bit of spare change and having difficulty keeping the refrigerator full. Biden’s high taxes, and the inflation and gas prices he’s helped create, fall on regular folks to pay for.

He’ll never notice in his Delaware beach house or White House den. Even many Democrats are getting really sick of this charade. Biden’s approval is now around only 30%.

Though when Biden was asked how he feels about knowing many Democrats don’t support him in his re-candidacy, he simply went into denial.

He reluctantly replied the question was unfounded. Biden said polls show 92% of Democrats want him to run for president again. You could see the anger and hatred in Biden’s eyes as he responded.

The reporter countered, saying this was not quite what the polls showed, but the other way around. Sometimes, even the fake news tells the truth!

This Delusion Can’t Go On

Biden refuses to see reality. Ruling in a land of the blind would be ideal for him. Though, Biden forgets America is not a fictional land and we all see what’s going on very well.

There’s no way to argue against facts and figures; there’s also no way to deny what’s right in front of our eyes. It looks like Biden has early onset Alzheimer’s.