Economic Problems Expected to Drive Women to the Polls

When it comes to the laundry list of problems in America today, the economy definitely takes the top of the list.

Economic woes directly impact the average American’s ability to feed their family, pay their rent or mortgage, put gas in their vehicle, and otherwise support themselves.

Thanks to ongoing inflation, many people are struggling just to make it through the month. Some people are behind on bills, and salaries are not even coming close to competing with inflation.

There is no doubt that economic problems are going to be on the minds of Americans when they vote in the midterm elections this November.

According to Breitbart News, the economy will be a factor that especially gets Republican women out to the polls.

The Latest Poll From All In Together

A fresh All In Together poll shows that high consumer prices are going to play a major role in the women’s vote for November’s congressional races. Meanwhile, women who are also Republicans are certainly going to be making their way to the polls.

According to the poll, 54% of women are more likely to vote this year, due to where the economy currently stands.

All in all, Democrats have failed women and they’ve failed to “build back better.” As it turns out, most women don’t want to be priced out of the labor market or be unable to afford to fill their cars with gas.

With every single thing in the economy getting more expensive, women across the United States are having a tougher time. This is especially true for women who are single parents or who don’t have much disposable income.

Troubling Warnings From Economists

Earlier this week, interest rates associated with mortgages reached highs than haven’t been witnessed in over ten years.

On top of that, economists warned that due to where housing market prices stand, fewer sold homes and fewer investments in real estate are to be expected.

That’s not all, though. Earlier this month, economists also pointed out that because the Federal Reserve heightened interest rates, 2023 could bring about a recession.

For what it’s worth, the Federal Reserve has disputed the idea that a recession is coming next year; though, only time will tell who ends up being correct.

One thing is for sure: the policies of the president, and the Democrats in Congress who voted for his legislation, are why the economy today is in such a fragile position.

Come this November, Democrats should not be surprised when women and other Americans vote accordingly.

What do you think about inflation and other economic problems playing a role in getting out the female vote this November? In the comments area, please don’t hesitate to let us know.