Employee Behavior Brings Shame to the US Healthcare System

Two Denver women are suing a Colorado Hospital over one of their employees, more specifically an ICU nurse, sexually assaulting them while they were unconscious in the intensive care ward.

They claim the hospital management did nothing to prevent the abuse from happening.

The lawsuit, which has now grown into a class action, claims that St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, as well as the two companies running it, those being SCL Health and Intermountain Healthcare, knew about the nurse’s actions, but refused to intervene.

ICU nurse facing several charges of sexual harassment

According to police reports, the nurse in question, Christopher Lambros, would regularly record videos of himself sexually abusing unconscious female patients, while whispering a chant to himself.

It was later revealed in an affidavit that Lambros made a grand total of five videos where he was abusing an unaware patient, there being clear evidence of him whispering to himself never to get rid of the videos.

The lawsuit explains Lambros’ behavior as a reference to the once-popular TV show “Dexter,” where the main character is a serial killer who maintains a collection of videos and photographs of his victims.

So far, three women have stepped forth with charges against Lambros, with a fourth person, whose video dates back to 2016, still waiting to be identified. That may just be the tip of the iceberg, considering the nurse started his work at St. Mary’s Hospital over 10 years ago.

Four terabytes of evidence against a sex offender

Siddartha Rathod, a lawyer for one of the three women filing the lawsuit, explains there’s irrefutable evidence the women pressing charges against Lambros are the same ones present in the videos he’d recorded.

One of his victims has died since. The rest were informed that over four terabytes of data have been recovered from his personal computer and were confiscated as evidence in hopes of finding out exactly how many patients were assaulted.

The one major reason behind this case being a class action suit is to encourage other victims to step forth with their stories. This will allow the prosecution to build a case against this disgusting individual and the establishment that’s clearly protecting him.

Unfortunately, patient privacy laws have only made things more difficult for both the legal representatives of the victims and the hospital management.

One of the women involved in the lawsuit claims to be angry and anxious now that she’s being victimized again.

She said St. Mary’s Hospital didn’t even issue an apology to her or her family; yet, they’re more than willing to charge her $905 every month to cover the expenses of her hospital stay.

This is only made worse by the fact that e-mails reminding her about upcoming payments are coming on time without fail; addressing a major issue like this one seems to be quite the ordeal for the organizations running the hospital, though.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.