End of 2021 Marks Major Disappointment with Biden as President

With less than three weeks remaining until 2022, this year is rapidly coming to a close. 2021 began earlier this year with a transition of power in the White House from Trump to Biden.

This power transition marked a series of changes in the United States, none of which have been very good. America is suffering on multiple fronts, due to the Democrat Party controlling Congress and the White House.

Joe Biden, for his part, stated that his presidency will heal America and bring people together. Biden has not done this; in fact, he’s been one of the most divisive presidents of many Americans’ lifetimes.

Now, a brand new poll is confirming major disappointment with Biden as president, according to Newsmax.

What to Know About the ABC News Poll

First and foremost, this latest poll shows that majorities of Independents (71%), Republicans (94%), and even Democrats (54%) do not approve of the means by which Biden’s chosen to handle inflation in the country.

All in all, this shakes out to 69% of the nation collectively failing to approve of how Biden’s dealt with US inflation. On top of this comes a 57% disapproval of the way the 46th president is responding towards the recovery of the economy.

Just 53% of people in the country support how Biden is handling matters of infrastructure and coronavirus. Pollsters have stated these poll numbers (and numbers from additional surveys) are nothing for Biden and the Democrats to write home about.

Finally, only 36% of Americans support how the president is managing crime in the United States. Gun violence is another area where Biden comes in with an extremely low approval rating of only 32%. On the matter of immigration, the 46th president is standing at a 34% rating of approval.

This data is in keeping with additional polls that have shown Biden floundering and failing to reach net positives.

Not a Good Look for Democrats

Overall, polls show voters tend to side with Republicans over Democrats when it comes to voting in the 2022 midterms. For months now, surveys displayed Republicans as very likely to win back control of the House of Representatives.

Judging from the president’s underwater approval ratings in states that will determine the fate of the Senate, Republicans could very well take back this chamber as well. The Democrat Party has ultimately dug its own grave by electing Biden and hitching their wagon to failed, ineffective policies.

With all the adverse consequences stemming from this president and the current power balance in Congress, voters won’t forget, come November 2022.

What do you think about this recent ABC News poll showing massive disapproval of Joe Biden as president? Do you think this will hurt Democrats during the midterms? Let us know below in the comments area.