Fauci Has Lost Significant Trust from Americans

The more time passes, the more obvious it’s becoming to the nation that Fauci is selling everyone a bad bill of goods. For starters, Fauci has flip flopped consistently. He first said Americans should wear no masks, then one mask, then goggles, and then two masks.

Likewise, Fauci has been all for COVID vaccine mandates; yet, when questioned about the presence of natural immunity in all of this, Fauci said he couldn’t give an answer. Somehow, this so-called expert has never lacked answers when it comes to infringing upon the freedoms of Americans.

The more Fauci talks, the more people begin to realize there are too many things that simply don’t add up. According to Breitbart News, a fresh poll confirms that Fauci has lost significant levels of trust from the American people…and rightfully so.

Bad News for Fauci

The findings from Rasmussen Reports paint a very clear image on where Americans currently stand when it comes to Fauci. Per the survey, 54% are of the view that Fauci no longer has credibility and they won’t be waiting around on him to approve holiday gatherings.

Only 36% stated they oppose these views; meanwhile, 11% could not definitively make a claim one way or the other. 36% of Democrats, 74% of Republicans, and 54% of Independents believe Fauci’s lost credibility.

Yet again, majorities of Republicans and Independents are largely united on issues facing this nation. This has become a common theme in political polls regarding public opinion, as of late.

Calling Out the Lies for What They Are

For about 18 months now, Fauci’s been able to say just about anything with impunity. During mid 2020, Fauci even declared that Americans should consider wearing goggles over their eyes to protect against COVID.

Virtually no one questioned this or called it out. Fauci’s been able to lie about the NIH funding gain of function research; yet, he’s still had the media, Democrats, and pro-mandate sycophants come to his defense.

We’re getting to a point where people have just about had their fill of Fauci. He doesn’t bring anything new to the table. He is far from an objective official and many Americans are just over it.

It’s important to continue calling out lies for what they are. Fauci’s been all over the map on a series of issues. His leaked emails also confirm he’s misled the public on certain details and these are just the emails that became public.

It is time for the American public to remove the shackles of fear and Faucism in order to embrace what this country was truly founded upon: freedom.

Do you trust Anthony Fauci and what he’s saying at this point? Let us know your thoughts about him below in the comments section.