FBI Confirmed to Have Lied For Hunter Biden

Today, it is an established fact that first son Hunter Biden broke various laws, failed to pay his taxes over a period of years, and lied on forms that are required for buying a gun.

In spite of these serious transgressions, Hunter is walking away with a sweetheart deal. He won’t spend a day in prison for crimes that would land just about anyone else in the slammer for a considerable amount of time.

Republicans, nevertheless, are continuing to investigate Hunter and demand accountability. In a new turn of events, it’s now been confirmed that the FBI objectively lied and tried to cover up Hunter’s crimes, as documented by the Gateway Pundit.

The Latest Developments

Back in 2019, the FBI was very much aware of the authenticity of Hunter’s infamous laptop that he discarded at a computer repair shop. Though, in spite of this knowledge, federal officials told social media sites that any rumors of a laptop were misinformation and without merit.

This led to platforms like Facebook and Twitter censoring the story. Subsequently, this censorship enabled Joe Biden to coast to victory in the 2020 presidential election.

Only after Biden was safely in the White House did news finally get out that Hunter’s laptop wasn’t a conspiracy, but is, in fact, very real.

Needless to say, the confirmation that the FBI knew about this all along only proves the points that many Americans have been making.

What Else is the FBI Hiding?

If the FBI is willing to go to such extreme lengths to deceive social media companies and lie about evidence, then it begs to question what else the agency may be up to.

The fact of the matter is Americans were wrongfully deceived and now, there has to be some accountability. So far, the FBI has gotten off scot-free, with zero meaningful consequences.