Federal Appeals Court Deals Biden Another Blow on COVID Vaccine Mandates

The time is coming for Joe Biden to accept his nationwide COVID vaccine mandate is not going to stand. What’s more is the American people are not going to stand for this medical edict.

Across the country, mass protests have broken out in regard to this mandate. Various businesses are warning this mandate will adversely impact their ability to keep much-needed staff on the beat.

The reality of the situation is Biden overplayed his hand. This is why the Federal Appeals Court put a stay on the 46th president’s mandate, citing serious issues regarding constitutional and statutory matters.

The Biden administration responded by asking the court to lift their stay on the OSHA vaccine mandate for businesses with 100+ workers. As Newsmax reports, the Federal Appeals Court shot down Biden’s request yet again, affirming their halt on the order still stands.

A Mandate Doomed to Fail

The Federal Appeals Court described Biden’s vaccination order as “overbroad.” Likewise, the judges also determined the mandate fails to implement considerations for variations in the workforce.

Ultimately, the Federal Appeals Court ruled that keeping the halt on Biden’s order is in the best interests of the American public. Likewise, the judges wrote that it’s critical for the court to uphold individuals’ freedom to make personal choices, even when the government doesn’t agree.

Thus far, Biden administration officials have yet to comment on this ruling from OSHA. It is very clear they did not see this one coming. Prior to the stay imposed on this medical mandate, Biden and the White House repeatedly declared the law was on their side.

However, the court has spoken more than once now and it seems to side with idea that the law does not grant the federal government these powers.

Stopping a Dangerous Precedent

It is very good news the Federal Court of Appeals is stepping in and not allowing the Biden administration to run amuck with mandates and tyranny.

Right now, it is very much looking like Biden’s mandate will not stand up in court, just as Republicans have said it wouldn’t stand up in court. At this time, OSHA is barred from making any further moves on this mandate until additional action comes from the court.

If this mandate is not shut down, the Biden administration and Democrats, in general, will be more emboldened to trample on Americans’ freedoms. At some point, enough is enough. This mandate must go and then, in 2024, Biden needs to go along with it.

Are you glad the Federal Court of Appeals is standing its ground and refusing to let Biden implement sweeping medical mandates nationwide? We’re very eager to read about your views and thoughts in the comments area down below.