Fewer Cinemas May Carry Popcorn Going Forward

On the Biden administration’s watch, shortages in supplies are becoming as common as different times of the day.

Thus far, some of the most infamous shortages America has suffered under the current president include deficiencies in baby formula, lifeguards, and overall labor.

The Biden administration has largely faulted the Russian regime for issues involving the US economy and supply shortages; yet, much of this dates back to well before Ukraine was attacked by Russia.

Unfortunately, yet another shortage is on the horizon. This time, the shortage deals with popcorn, as documented by Breitbart News.

Get Ready For Less Popcorn

As summer and holidays approach, various cinema operators have been working to restock necessary supplies for concession stands. One of these supplies happens to be popcorn; although this go-round, it’s in very short supply.

A lack of available popcorn goes back to an undersupply of corn being grown by farmers. With the economy being in such a dire position, farmers are more driven to grow soybeans instead of corn.

As it turns out, the former generates far more revenue for farmers than the latter. However, with fewer farmers growing corn, popcorn will not be as readily available in movie theaters as most Americans are used to.

Issues with the supply chain are also a contributing factor to why Americans will see much less popcorn in cinemas and other places.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has claimed the White House is working to fix various supply chain delays; however, the results of this work remain to be seen.

Outrage From the American Public

Mass shortages are simply another thorn in the side of an economy that’s riddled with inflation and a potential recession later down the line.

In light of news about the imminent shortage, Biden is being blasted on social media by fed-up Americans. It is the view of many people that Biden ultimately set these shortages in motion via his policies or intentional inaction concerning certain matters.

People are furthermore exasperated with the various excuses the White House has been peddling.

At the end of the day, no amount of rhetoric from the president or his administration officials will change the tightening bind that so many people remain stuck in.

Republicans have repeatedly advised Biden on measures he can take to lessen the squeeze Americans are feeling in their daily lives.

However, because this advice conflicts with agendas that the president and Democrats have, Republicans’ words are falling on deaf ears.

What do you think about the news that popcorn shortages are coming? Do you believe the White House could have taken action to prevent these shortages? Please don’t hesitate to let us know your views on this in the comments area down below.