Florida Democrats Mistakenly Draw Attention to Biden’s Foreign Policy Flubs

Over the past year or so, it’s become clearly obvious that Democrats have a serious obsession with Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

Democrats loathe DeSantis for taking a stand against medical tyranny and Florida thriving because of it. The left is also terrified of DeSantis’ rising popularity and growing support for him to make a presidential run one day.

Even the Biden administration can’t help throw various potshots at the Florida governor; however, DeSantis consistently fights back.

However, of all the Democrats who are obsessed with DeSantis, the obsession is the strongest amongst Florida Democrats who want to take the governor’s job, namely Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist.

Both Fried and Crist have chosen to go after DeSantis regarding geopolitical affairs; however, this has already backfired in a major way, as Twitchy documents.

What Florida Democrats Don’t Understand

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidates Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist took shots at DeSantis for supposedly failing to condemn Putin’s attacks against the country of Ukraine.

However, it didn’t take long for such clearly cheap shots to backfire. Social media responded to Fried and Crist, noting that it’s not the job of a governor to handle international foreign policy.

Meanwhile, other people online noted that Florida Democrats apparently want DeSantis to do the job of the president, i.e., Biden himself.

Despite lobbing these attacks against the Florida governor, both Fried and Crist are still massively behind DeSantis in the polls.

As one of the two is likely going to win the Florida Democratic nomination, DeSantis still remains very well-positioned to win re-election in the Sunshine State.

The Clear Winner in All of This

At the end of the day, Florida Democrats like Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist have the right to say whatever they want when it comes to foreign policy, Governor DeSantis, etc.

However, everytime they open their mouths, it merely reminds everyone of why they shouldn’t be elected into any type of public office.

Florida’s economy, population, and more have grown because of DeSantis’ leadership in the state. Meanwhile, Democrats like Fried and Crist are all too eager to get into the governor’s mansion and then do precisely the opposite of what DeSantis has been doing on just about every count.

The good news is that Republican voters in the Sunshine State are in greater abundance than Democratic voters. Since DeSantis’ time as governor, Florida’s shifted from being a purple/swing state to being a red state.

Fried and Crist have only made the case as to why Florida needs to stay red.

What do you think about the latest comments from Florida Democrats in which they attacked Republican Governor Ron DeSantis? We’re looking forward to getting your insight in the comments area.