Florida Gov. DeSantis: “Red Wave” Coming Across America

This week, America witnessed Republicans regain control of Virginia after more than 10 years of Democrats having the state under their control. Against seemingly all odds, Glenn Youngkin went on to become the governor-elect of Virginia, forcing Terry McAuliffe to admit defeat.

Right-wingers across the nation have cheered the win in the commonwealth. Republicans are also of the view that what happened in Virginia will materialize again during the 2022 midterm elections.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is someone who has this outlook. In fact, during a very recent interview, DeSantis declared a red wave is coming across the United States of America, as confirmed by Breitbart News.

DeSantis on America’s Red Wave

While speaking with Fox & Friends earlier today, the Florida governor explained Americans are sick and tired of what Democrats are trying to force upon the country. DeSantis noted the many disasters tied to the Biden administration, stating Americans are “rebelling” and deciding enough is enough.

The Florida governor also went on to praise Glenn Youngkin. According to DeSantis, Youngkin ran an awesome campaign and stood for something that the vast majority of Virginia residents could relate to and agree with.

Finally, the Florida governor declared America’s red wave will only continue to pick up momentum. According to DeSantis, even more people will keep standing up as their annoyance with Biden and his leadership grows.

The governor of Florida also compared the current red wave to the one the Republican Party experienced back in 2010. DeSantis moreover explained the red wave is very bad news for the current president and his White House administration.

Fighting Back Against Biden

As DeSantis and other Republicans have noted, Youngkin’s success in becoming Virginia’s governor-elect speaks volumes about where the nation stands on Biden. Virginia is far from a hardcore red state.

Biden even won the commonwealth in 2020, but this still didn’t stop some of the very same people who voted for Biden from also voting against McAuliffe.

Republicans have continued to warn the president what he’s doing is bad for the nation. However, Biden persists anyway. Just earlier today, the president announced his COVID vaccine mandate for America’s workers will start on January 4, 2022.

The GOP is already promising to sue the Biden administration when that time arrives. Meanwhile, the Daily Wire, a conservative news publication, announced it has already filed suit against the Biden administration.

As the red wave continues sweeping across the United States, Youngkin’s win in Virginia is very likely only the beginning.

Do you agree with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about the red wave in America? Do you think the decisions of the current White House administration are going to backfire on them? We’re eager to learn your thoughts on all this in the comments area below.