Florida Governor DeSantis Spars with Biden Administration Over COVID Treatments

If there’s one person the Biden administration has on its enemy list, it’s Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Time and time again, the Florida governor has repeatedly butted heads with the White House.

DeSantis is clear that he won’t idly stand by while the Biden administration attempts to trample on people’s livelihoods simply because of their medical choices regarding the COVID vaccine.

Recently, Governor DeSantis called out Biden for intentionally blocking states across the country from having access to monoclonal antibodies, a treatment against COVID that is well-documented to save lives.

This week, White House aide Jen Psaki had something to say about that, thus prompting a new back and forth between DeSantis and the Biden administration, as documented by Breitbart News.

The White House vs. Governor DeSantis

On Thursday, Psaki declared the Florida governor hasn’t done a very good job of encouraging his state’s residents to get vaccinated. What Psaki really means by this is DeSantis hasn’t pushed draconian vaccine edicts or allowed the White House to do so in his state.

What DeSantis has done is announce the COVID vaccine is available to anyone who wants it and push for greater access to COVID testing.

The Florida governor has also led the nation in monoclonal antibody treatments that the White House is now using the US Department of Health and Human Services to block.

Anyway, DeSantis didn’t take these kinds of accusations from the Biden administration without pushing back. Christina Pushaw, the Florida governor’s press secretary, stated that Florida has a very high vaccination rate before noting this isn’t stopping COVID infections.

Finally, Pushaw noted that if Psaki and the Biden administration were serious about saving the lives of the American people, they wouldn’t be standing in the way of monoclonal antibody treatments.

A Lackluster Excuse from the Biden Administration

Since the White House made moves to lessen states’ access to monoclonal antibodies, they’ve alleged this is being done in the interest of ensuring that everyone has “equitable” access to these treatments.

However, claims of this nature simply don’t hold water. When states are warning that the White House is putting lives at risk by holding monoclonal antibodies hostage, access to them is not “equitable.”

Governor DeSantis isn’t the only one having this issue, either. Texas Governor Greg Abbott also criticized the Biden administration recently for the power trip they’re on with monoclonal antibodies.

The White House continues to make its agenda of promoting and forcing COVID vaccines on people very clear.

However, as DeSantis’ press secretary made especially apparent, if the Biden administration prioritized life-saving measures, they’d get out of the way and let states have the necessary monoclonal antibodies.

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