Florida Governor Responds to Omicron Variant Reports

As of late, there’s been quite a bit of talk about the latest COVID strain known as omicron. Omicron is an anagram for “moronic”; however, it’s been the talk of the town since making various appearances around the world, including in the United States.

Omicron has additionally renewed the zest of the pro-mandate crowd. With little information known about this variant, pro-mandate folks are already stating lockdowns, more restrictions, and more government control needs to happen.

In Democrat-dominated states like New York, this is precisely what is going on. However, it’s a different story in Republican-run states, such as Florida.

This week, Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida, laid down the facts and stated what things will be like in the Sunshine State, in light of omicron, as documented by Fox News.

What Florida Will and Will Not Do

During a press conference in West Tampa, DeSantis did not mince words at all. The Florida governor explained that he will not allow mandates, shutdowns, the closures of schools, or any other similar measures to take place.

DeSantis noted Florida’s very low COVID case numbers while also pointing out the danger of the aforementioned measures. The governor explained Americans are not going to have to show passport papers in order to dine out or move through society in Florida.

Shortly thereafter, DeSantis also slammed what he called “Faucism” as a destructive force for states and the nation at large. Fauci has never come across a single COVID mandate he didn’t like.

Fauci’s even gone on record saying he’d support a mandate for individuals to have to be vaccinated against COVID in order to travel domestically in the United States. Fauci’s likewise gone on record to opine that Americans ought to relinquish freedom for the so-called “greater good.”

Will Other Governors Follow DeSantis’ Lead?

Ron DeSantis has been one of the leading freedom fighters in the United States. He’s not just been all talk, either; he’s worked with the Florida state legislature and successfully gotten laws passed to protect Floridians from COVID mandates and government overreach.

Other governors, such as the ones in Texas, South Dakota, and additional red states have taken measures that mirror those of DeSantis. However, it is high time for more governors to step up and adopt a DeSantis-style approach to tyranny coming from Democrats and the federal government.

Enough is enough. The freedoms and liberties the United States was founded upon do not cease to matter when viruses or variants emerge. In fact, times of uncertainty make the defense of freedom all the more imperative.

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