Florida Governor Sets Up Special Session to End COVID Vaccine Mandates

The Biden administration is beginning to see they won’t be able to force through lawless orders without being checked. Yesterday, 19 states sued the Biden administration over its COVID vaccine mandates for federal contractors.

In this suit, Republicans maintain the federal government has superseded its role. The GOP also made clear it will not stand by as the Biden administration runs wild with authoritarian government overreach.

Furthermore, some states are taking even greater action, in addition to suing the Biden administration. In the state of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has set up a special session to end COVID vaccine mandates once and for all, according to Newsmax.

Protecting the Workers of Florida

On Friday, Governor DeSantis set up a Florida Special Session for Monday, November 15. The Florida governor declared the purpose of this special session is to prevent businesses from coercing workers to take the COVID vaccine or lose their jobs.

DeSantis has repeatedly called out the overreach of the Biden administration, affirming it’s not something Florida is going to stand for. Florida is also one of the 19 states which sued the federal government earlier this week.

Likewise, the Florida governor maintained that forced vaccinations will only serve to weaken trust in corporate American and government itself. The Florida governor’s determination to end this push to force the COVID vaccine on workers is supported by the Florida House Speaker and Senate President.

These leaders put out a statement, noting the extent to which Americans have seen their freedoms under attack for nearly the past two years. The Florida leaders furthermore pointed out they will not permit the Biden administration to ram through an illegal, federal mandate.

A Beacon of Freedom in America

In so many regards, Florida has become a beacon of freedom in the United States. Florida’s let In-N-Out (a burger joint in California that was shut down for not adhering to the COVID vaccine mandate) know they are welcome to set up shop in the Sunshine State anytime.

Thousands of people each day are also choosing to become residents of Florida. As this happens, Florida’s registered Republicans are on track to outnumbering registered Democrats in the state. This bodes very well for keeping Florida red and ensuring it doesn’t get taken over by Democrats.

DeSantis and Biden have repeatedly butted heads. The Florida governor’s also made it clear so long as Biden is threatening people’s jobs, livelihoods, and freedoms, DeSantis will be standing in Biden’s way to stop him.

What do you think about the measures Florida is taking to stop COVID vaccine mandates? Do you believe Florida’s lawsuit against the Biden administration will render success and defeat these mandates? We’d like your opinions below in the comments section.